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Most will probably hate this thought but....

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    Originally posted by Shockersarelife View Post
    Or northwest Missouri D2 national champs
    McCollum needs a D1 job. Wish WSU had done their due diligence instead of just taking the easy way out of the coaching search.


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      Originally posted by pinstripers View Post
      I just can't watch it. Fastpitch softball is entertaining to me, and sometimes volleyball, but not basketball.
      And that's okay. Simply a personal preference. And after all sports is intended to be a fun diversion. What floats your boat may be a bit different form someone else. But you each know what you enjoy and what you don't. So you're both right.

      I think women's basketball at the very highest levels such as that molly jabali was referring to can be entertaining. But the talent pool in women's basketball is pretty shallow and IMO getting more shallow as volleyball grows in popularity and the quality and level of play drops of pretty fast.

      As far as WSU women's athletics go I am pretty much with you. I like volleyball and softball the best. At times I have enjoyed women's basketball. Probably most recently when Alex Harden and Kelsey Jacobs played for the Shocks. Right now the WBB product is not very good and generally the AAC is not a very good women's basketball conference now that UConn has moved to the Big East. Pretty much on par with the Valley.

      If I had to rank WSU women's athletics by my level of interest I would say:

      Softball (although this year's team is very entertaining the way the hit the ball)
      Track & Field (you can always find a handful of athletes to follow)

      Again those are my personal preferences. I assume that women's basketball probably has more resources allocated to it than any of the other women's programs although I do not know that for sure. Track and Field has many more athletes and a few more scholarships (18 vs 15) and a couple more coaches so maybe it's track and field.

      On the other hand Track and Field has the same coaches for the men and the women and is very important in qualifying WSU for D-1 competition since they count as 3 women's programs and 3 men's programs each (XC, Indoor T&F and Outdoor T&F).

      That said, everyone knows that at Wichita State it is men's basketball that makes everything else possible and how men's basketball goes is pretty much how Shocker athletics least financially. And right now finances appear to be a major challenge for various reasons.

      They way I have always looked at our women's sports our our other men's sports is that every dollar that Shocker fans spend supporting those programs is 1 less dollar that men's basketball has to subsidize and, hopefully, that makes our overall program more stable and successful.


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        That championship game was fantastic. Arizona had a potential game winner on the rim when time expired. (Maybe she should have gone for the banked three)


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          Yes, I agree .... women’s sports are not for everyone( nor are all men’s)..... my wife betrays her gender all the time except in watching tennis


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            Tennis, Volleyball, T&F, Soccer, Golf, and most of the other Olympic sports; I can enjoy and appreciate.

            Women’s Basketball just doesn’t do it for me. (Neither does Softball, for whatever reason)