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Wichita State vs. Cincinnati Game Thread 1-10-21

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  • Originally posted by WeWillShockU View Post

    I don’t remember that particular play but I wasn’t impressed with some of the calls and non calls.
    High flying block coming from behind the layup to smash the ball against the backboard. Player was already past the back board by the time dex flew in and spiked it.
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    • I hate to give an example from my days playing intramural ball, but I believe I have a track record of not letting stupidity stop me from posting.

      I could ALWAYS beat my defender into the lane. I could always draw a big defender to stop me from getting to the hoop. I'd look for the open big and they were all moving into a rebounding position instead of looking for a pass and if I wanted to pass my best option was to try to bounce the ball off the back of their heads to see if I could catch it after bouncing it off the backs of their heads.

      When I could get to the hoop, I never figured out how to get the bounce off the board to go in the hoop at the speed I was going. When you get to the hoop going full speed down the lane, it's not at all like running a layup drill. The ball comes off the backboard really hard and unless you throw it up there backwards and know how to comepensate for your speed, it ain't going in.

      Gilbert does some things getting into the lane that cause him problems. Off ball movement recognizing the situation could solve that problem.
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