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Wichita State vs Lipscomb (NIT Semifinal)

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  • Originally posted by ShockBand View Post

    Do you really think he is going to change his MO on this? Or on his norms for not calling timeouts? Yes, I understand this is a message board where you expect posters to ***** and moan, but doing so about how HCGM handles his seniors and how he handles timeouts is kind of beating a dead horse at this point. HCGM is who he is, and that is unlikely to change at this point in his career.

    While last night's game certainly had its frustrations, all in all, we got bonus time in spades at the end of the year. Everything after beating ECU in Memphis was "house money" hoops.
    I don't know if we CAN expect it but we SHOULD expect him to reevaluate his coaching every year and be open to improving on anything that might win more games. To not do so is to be nothing more than stubborn and/or too arrogant to be open to the possibility that you can improve yourself. Lets also add foul management to the list.


    • MikeKennedyRulZ
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      How does a coach get better at "foul management"? Asking for a friend. Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.

    • Topshock
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      Mattdait, thank you for your help but I have talked to him in person several times and if I wanted to call him I wouldn't be using that number.

    • mattdalt
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      Wow, impressive. Did you offer your advice? What was his response? I do not have the inside hookup like you apparently do. Curious what he had to say regarding your advice.

  • Wrapping up this season, the NIT run got WSU to 22 wins. The longest active 22+ win season streaks in college hoops:

    30 -- Kansas
    23 -- Duke
    22 -- Gonzaga
    15 -- North Carolina
    10 – Wichita State

    Enjoy the moment, everyone.


    • Need a couple 3 point Maker's if we wanna get to 22 again next year?
      1965, 2013

      NCAA Tournament:
      1964, 1965, 1976, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

      NIT Champs - 1 (2011)

      AP Poll History of Wichita State:
      Number of Times Ranked: 157
      Number of Times Ranked #1: 1
      Number of Times Top 5: 32 (Most Recent - 2017)
      Number of Times Top 10: 73 (Most Recent - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)

      Highest Recent AP Ranking:
      #3 - Dec. 2017
      #2 ~ March 2014

      Highest Recent Coaches Poll Ranking:
      #2 ~ March 2014
      Finished 2013 Season #4


      • mattdalt
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        Some strongly suggest we didn't have any of those this year

    • We were not a good shooting team most of the year. We did not have those two or three players to count on to score as needed. Nothing against any of our players but i never felt as if a certain player took the shot it had a chance. I haven’t gone through the thread so it’s just my feelings. Can’t expect to win when our shooters are around 20% but as I stated earlier in the year an even win loss record would be good. Hopefully our returning shooters find their touch and with the addition of Teddy we can compete at a higher level next year.


      • Despite the flaws that were exposed this season, it was still a blast seeing this team develop into a scrappy bunch this year. Hate that we lost but I’m glad that it was Lipscomb if it had to be somebody. They’ll at least appreciate this and enjoy every moment. Hope they beat the piss out of the Longhorns.

        We really made some progress this tournament although we started to fall prey to bad habits that plagued us a bit throughout the season. Feels great to end on a run and good vibes. Last season you could just feel the bad juju after losing to Cincy at the end of conference play.

        These guys are hungry for improvement and we’ve got some reinforcements on the way. If we can get pure point, every team we face will be hating life for 40 minutes each game.


        • Anyone watch Lipscomb vs. Texas in NIT Championship game? Texas led by 14 at half & won 81-66. MSG is a great place to play, watched a lot of games at MSG.


          • Dan
            Dan commented
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            Read this tidbit today, wish we would’ve seen this version of Mathews:

            “Garrison Mathews, named an Associated Press All-America honorable mention, scored 15 points for the Bisons (29-8). He made all 10 free throws but missed 8 of 10 shots from the floor. With their best player in a funk, Lipscomb was doomed.”

        • I'm perfectly happy with the way the season ends.
          Winning the NIT would've given our young team a false sense of accomplishment and confidence. Remember our most experience Senior team ? Top 25 pre season ranking etc. Disastrous.
          This team needed the reality shot in the A from Libsomb. Exposing our weaknesses to improve upon this off season to prepare for the BIG DANCE.

          Perfect ending.


          • choida
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            The lights were too bright in NYC... The real Wichita State basketball team showed up... And those are hard truths. Next year we will be better

        • I’m elated that Matthews had a terrible game and they got beat, even if it was Texas who won.