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    Shocker Basketball
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Chicago Bears
    Chicago Blackhawks
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish (College Football)
    Favorite year of college football...1982...WSU 13-10 over Jayhawks
    and the best sports name ever...WSU 1982 QB, Prince McJunkins
    1989 Shocker Baseball team...NCAA Champions


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      Prince. Cool guy at the time. Got to be on the sidelines of one of WSU's football games, tour of the entire facility underneath the stadium, and hang out with the players on the sidelines and drink "gatorade" in small green cups with the players. I still remember the huge tubs that they could fill with ice and water for players to sit in after games.

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    Kansas City Chiefs - My earliest football memory is a Chiefs playoff loss. Not much has changed since Christmas Day, 1971.
    Shocker MBB
    Kansas City Royals
    Any team playing the chicken hawks, cowboys or raiders.
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    Go Shocks!


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      Shocker Basketball
      Shocker Baseball
      Boston Red Sox
      KSU Football
      KSU Basketball
      Kansas City Royals
      Chicago Cubs
      Any opponent of KU or the Yankees


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        If the list said LEAST favorite teams/players, Phil would be 1,2 AND 3 on my list....can't STAND him!!!!


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          1. Any team my kids play on (stole that from Indiana Shocker, but he's spot on. No team comes ahead of my kids!)
          2. WSU MBB
          3. Auburn Football (I got my MBA there)
          4. Kansas City Chiefs
          5. Raptors (Fred)
          6. 76ers (Landry)
          7. All other WSU teams
          8. KC Royals
          9. KU BB (Yes, I'll take crap for this, but I grew up being a KU fan. There was I time they would've been #1. Obviously, at 45 years old, I'm starting to mature as they've been steadily moved down my list since High School.)


          • WSUwatcher
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            All right, jrschh, now I have to join in here, as off topic as it may be:
            1A and 1B. Shocker MBB and ALABAMA football, in no particular order.
            2. Shocker baseball (my all time fan highlight is still attending the 1989 CWS championship game, which is saying something considering the number of college football championships I've enjoyed in recent years)
            3. Cardinals baseball
            4. Spurs basketball (come on, sign Ron Baker!)
            5. Whatever MBB team is playing the Chickenhawks

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          WSU Mens Hoops
          WSU sports teams
          NBA-Shocker players
          UMKC Roos

          Future WSU Football team
          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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            Originally posted by wusphlash View Post
            Shocker Basketball
            ......are a few of my favorites
            Rest of PGA excluding Tiger
            Remainder of Shocker sports
            SEC Football
            Used to be a Raider fan but they've sucked for so long I can't really say that anymore
            Used to be a Twins fan in the days of Carew, Oliva and Killebrew but baseball has become boring to me
            Had a short interest in NASCAR and Clint Boyer but it's become boring as well
            OH! You reminded me that I root on Tiger, but don't care about the rest of the PGA -- especially Phil.
            Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."


            • wusphlash
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              Since time immemorial good has battled evil. Do what you will Damien.

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            NCAA Hoops - WSU
            NCAA Football - Oklahoma
            MLB - Royals
            NFL - Chiefs


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              Shockers mens basketball
              Kstate Football
              KC Royals
              KC CHIEFS
              Kstate mens basketball
              San Antonio Spurs
              other then that I tend to watch individual players from the college teams that I follow who went on to the next level.


              • WstateU
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                Best of luck tonight... go Cats!

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              Shocker Men's Hoops
              Team USA (in pretty much any sport)
              NFL - Broncos
              NHL - Sharks
              MLB - Rockies
              NASCAR - Team Bowyer
              NBA - FVV (and the rest of the Raptors)


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                1a. Chiefs (they were my first love since I can remember)
                1b. Shocker basketball
                2. NFL Off-season (draft, free agency, training camp)

                Steep dropoff

                2. OKC Thunder
                3. Royals (just don't love baseball as a sport...)

                Another drop

                5. Golf


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                  100% WSU sports... I'm all in!

                  Through the years I've learned to limit my emotional investment in other teams/schools. I once was a huge Green Bay Packers, KC Chiefs, K-State Wildcats and KC Royals fan; I still watch them, but don't lose any sleep when they lose. I still lose sleep when we lose in men's basketball and used to lose sleep when we lost in baseball. I follow all WSU sports and I'm a big fan of the bowling program. I will always love WSU. I owe much of my success to the university.

                  Ranking my WSU favorites:
                  Men's basketball
                  Men's/Women bowling
                  Women's basketball
                  Women's softball
                  Track & Field
                  "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"