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    I'm bored. And I apologize if this has been covered in the past. I'm sure it has. But I was at a church youth Super Bowl party last night and the kids were talking about ranking their favorite sports teams. It was interesting and fun to hear what they had to say. My $0.02 was kinda funny to them but it is what it is. The answers were all over the board, of course, but for me personally...

    1. WSU men's hoops

    2-10. A bunch of random stuff nobody cares about.

    For me, the only sports team I really care about and follow closely is Shocker hoops. Yeah, I like baseball and football, etc. but it's not even close for me. Just curious about the thoughts of my Shocker brethren.

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    I live and die with WSU Men's Basketball and the Denver Broncos, practically scheduling my life around those games.

    I have a strong interest in the Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, WSU Baseball, and WSU Volleyball. I still root hard but my fandom doesn't rise to the level of the first two teams mentioned.

    There are other teams that I will casually root for because of sentimental reasons but I definitely don't claim to be a superfan by any stretch.


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      1. Shockers MBB!

      2. FC Bayern München

      3. Can anybody hear me?

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        You lost me after the !

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      1. WSU men's basketball
      2. KC Royals
      3. WSU baseball and volleyball
      4. KC Chiefs (when they are good. I'm fair-weather)
      5. WSU sports not previously listed
      6. Pro tennis
      7. NBA involving former Shockers

      Beyond that, little-to-no interest.


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        Wichita State hoops
        OKC Thunder hoops
        KC Chiefs football


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          thankfully i’m on/off.. meaning im all in or out...

          in: shocker basketball and baseball, sporting kansas, and the royals, and cherring against ku (like israel and palestine death-stoning cheering),
          casual: chiefs, okc thunder, wichita thunder, unlv and new mexico state basketball


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            Shocker basketball
            Cardinals baseball
            Blues hockey

            In that order.


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              Shockers b-ball
              chicago bulls
              91-runnin rebels
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                I see what you did there

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                Was hoping my brilliant comedic genius wouldn’t go unnoticed. Lol

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              1. WSU MBB
              2. Fred (Raptors)
              3. Landry (76ers)
              4. Ron (wherever)
              5. WSU BB
              6. WSU VB
              7 Anything not NFL
              8. Anything not MLB
              9 Anything not #2, #3 or #4
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                1. Wichita State Basketball (above and beyond any other)
                2. Shocker baseball
                3. Shockers in the NBA / MLB
                4. Whoever is playing KU
                5. Whoever is playing Duke
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                  Wichita State MBB
                  US Soccer
                  Sporting KC

                  Don't have a huge rooting interest in college football or the NBA.
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                    1. Fan of the grocery store. I just don't ever want to have to grow my own food, mill flower, process my own chocolate, dairy products, etc...
                    2. I enjoy basketball when it is an up and down (flowing) game. Lots of movement, passing, team basketball. I enjoy individual play as long as it isn't too distracting from the team play but do not get caught up in superstardom like most people tend to do. That being said, teams that I enjoy watching this season start with Duke and Warriors. Good ball movement, transition game, and shooting. Loathe KU Basketball, but would do a complete about face if they played us every year (and weren't forced to play us.)
                    3. I enjoy professional bicycle racing and any and all competitive swimming because I have an acute understanding of how much work goes into preparation for the sport(s).
                    4. Hate football on all levels and honestly haven't watched a football game in over 15 years.


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                      1. Wichita State
                      2. Notre Dame Football
                      3. Chicago Cubs
                      4. Chicago Bears
                      5. Kansas City Chiefs
                      6. Kansas City Royals

                      P.S. I love watching pro golf, no real rooting interest per player though.


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                        1. WSU MBB
                        2. Whoever is playing KU MBB.
                        3. Random stuff like rowing.


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                          1. Husker football
                          1A. Shocker basketball
                          3. Reds baseball