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Shox vs Memphis pregame thread

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  • Shox vs Memphis pregame thread

    It's been too damn long since we had a game

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    Some good news that Jaime's injury doesn't appear to be serious enough to keep him out long-term.


    • 1972Shocker
      1972Shocker commented
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      That is indeed good news if it proves out.

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    I presume Dex is good to go.


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      We lose by many.


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        Not practicing is not a good sign... But I guess game time decision is a better then being ruled out.


        • C0|dB|00ded
          C0|dB|00ded commented
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          Correct. Jaime at 75% is not fast enough. The last thing he could afford to have injured is his feet.



        • Dave Stalwart
          Dave Stalwart commented
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          But is Jaime at 75% still faster than AM though...

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        Haven't watched Memphis this year but their record and competition doesn't paint the picture of world beaters. That being said I don't think we are ready for our first truly hostile crowd. We aren't even ready for our own crowd.
        Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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          Originally posted by 60Shock View Post
          We lose by many.
          That better not happen. Getting boat-raced by the likes of Dirty Penny is something I could not even fathom 12 mos. ago. Of course I was caught completely off guard when our Play Angry issues continued from last year to this so anything can happen. I guess we just better fall on our knees and pray.

          Too bad the weirdos over on the AAC board banned me. Watching the Memphis fans blow their loads while burning me at the stake after their amateur coach (whose post-NBA experience includes: high school coaching, owning a hair salon and a lawnmowing biz) drubbed ours would have been funny.

          Don't fail me Marshall lol!




          • 60Shock
            60Shock commented
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            I hope not either, but after this game we should have a pretty good idea where we stand.

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          Quotables: Pre-Memphis


          ...update on Jaime Echenique:
          "He's working hard with the trainers. It'll be a game-time decision. He has not practiced full yet. He's over on the side shooting and trying to move and do all the rehab stuff that you are supposed to do with that type of injury."

          ....who is stepping up at the center position:
          "Morris (Udeze) hurt his shoulder the other day, so he didn't practice yesterday. I guess, Isaiah (Poor Bear-Chandler) and Asbjørn (Midtgaard)."

          ...biggest strength of this team:
          "I'm not sure we have one."

          ...identity of the team:
          "I'm not sure we do. No. I'm not sure we do. I think we are very young and inexperienced. I think that's the identity."

          ...his mindset going into conference play and whether he has any specific expectations for this young group:
          "Take it one day at a time, one practice at a time, one game at a time. No expectations."


          • WuDrWu
            WuDrWu commented
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            There's absolutely nothing good there. If the information is correct about Jamie's injury, expecting him to be anywhere near 100% at anytime this season is little more than fool's gold.

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          Originally posted by pinstripers View Post
          I presume Dex is good to go.
          According to Taylor, he's back.


          • Dan
            Dan commented
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            If my one is expecting Dexter to be a difference maker, they haven’t been watching the games.

          • pie n eye
            pie n eye commented
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            I don’t care how inconsistent he’s been, we’re better off with him eligible to play.

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          Originally posted by BOBB View Post
          Haven't watched Memphis this year but their record and competition doesn't paint the picture of world beaters. That being said I don't think we are ready for our first truly hostile crowd. We aren't even ready for our own crowd.
          Did you watch the VCU game? Their crowd was fairly hostile....


          • BOBB
            BOBB commented
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            I did and it was, but not like a conference game.

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          All we need is 12-13 threes out of 27-28 attempts and them shooting around 20% from deep. That
          and holding our own on the boards and holding TO's under 12. Then, we can't lose free throw total
          by more than 5-6. All that would keep it close and give us a chance of winning. Since all of that
          happening is unlikely so is winning but anything can happen. Bottom line is Memphis 84 - 75


          • IndianaShocker
            IndianaShocker commented
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            Looks like you had a strong feel for this one

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          It's going to be close but I think we come out of this with the dub. Maybe Rod Brown will have a breakout game and put on a show for his hometown. I know it wouldn't be by dropping bucket after bucket on them but I think he can be that Rashard Kelly/Evan Wessel guy that does the dirty work.


          • pinstripers
            pinstripers commented
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            I need to unload my bridge......

          • Walker
            Walker commented
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            Say what?

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          68 to 65 WSU
          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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            87-52 bad guys sadly. Our guys just not enough scoring options and Memphis with the home crowd and new coach wants to show the league a beat down of a perennial Tourney and conference foe.
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              If we were 100% healthy, I'd give this a 50/50 shot only because both teams have been really inconsistent. If the good WSU showed up against the bad Memphis .. we'd win. I don't see that happening or even getting close without JE. If MU is also limited, this will get ugly because we wont have an inside game at all.