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Wichita State vs Jacksonville State Game Thread

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  • Taylor Eldridge
    12h12 hours ago More

    2 assists in 31 minutes doesn't sound good for PG @RickkyTorres, but that stat is misleading. I counted a total of 11 passes made by Torres that led to good shots for WSU, a team high, just unlucky the shots just missed.


    • TheShocktocles
      TheShocktocles commented
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      I counted 3 assists he could of have had if McDuffie would have finished the lay up.

    • 1972Shocker
      1972Shocker commented
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      I think they call those coach's assists.

  • Assists, and by extension, assist to turnover ratio, are statistics with a lot of noise. I don't find either of them to be overly useful, though they can be sometimes applicable. I'm more concerned with how often a player turns the ball over and how does it compare with his ability to create his own shot or create good looks for others, even if they don't go in.
    "In God we trust, all others must bring data." - W. Edwards Deming


    • Dan
      Dan commented
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      It’s like hits in baseball. As they say in Moneyball, making solid contact is what should be measured. A PG can’t control whether the teamamte fumbles a beautiful pass or misses a wide open shot.

  • Originally posted by Shox The Revenant View Post

    That's a bold statement young man. Seeing how the Shox barely beat a team (at home) with a 300 SOS and their 5 wins came against teams with a combined 5 and 29 record, oh, and basketball powerhouse Carver Bible College. I hope you're right.
    Speaking of cupcake schedules. Anyone checked out much Southern Miss has challenged themselves?!