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WSU Versus Louisiana Tech Predictions and Pregame Discussions

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    Quotables: Pre-Lousiana Tech

    The most concerning 3G comment from this article for me was:

    ...Some of things that stick out consistently in practice:

    "I don't want to get caught up on this, because there's certainly a lot more to the game than just scoring that basketball...but we're not making shots. A lot of these young guys haven't gotten to the point where they are consistently knocking down the open shots. We've got a lot of problems, and one of them is on the offensive end. Going from our transition or our set play to whatever breakdown offense we want to run. It seems to take us forever to get organized, so that clock is ticking and then that takes away from your time to run the breakdown offense, which give you less time to probe and try to get the ball in an opportune situation.
    On the other hand 3G said the Shockers' practice on Sunday was "refreshingly good". So let's hope that carries over to the La Tech game.

    Hopefully, the Shocks show real growth in their play from the Catawba game but the possiblity the Shockers walk away losers tonight is a very real possibility.
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      Either way I'm juiced to get this thing going. Win or lose I love our team. We are with you fellas!


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        Call me optimistic, but no coach in their right mind would praise how good their team is? Yes, we're young and haven't quite got things dialed in yet, but a little reservation and reversed psychology can only help. #Goshockers


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          I didn't have much optimism about the Chiefs at the beginning of the season but I'm pretty thrilled how Andy and Patrick have taken the NFL by storm. So I'm cautiously optimistic about this young Shockers team but we're going to be tested right off the bat. That's probably a good thing, at least from a teaching perspective and we all know how well 3G teaches the game of basketball to his young men.

          It will be interesting to see how Dexter, Chance, Ricky and Jamie respond tonight. The big crowd and lights clearly had an impact on them so let's hope the first game jitters are gone and they settle down (please take a page out of Jamarius' book guys).

          I think we win but it's a squeaker.


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            I’m really going to be interested to watch HCGM. Will he be able to control his frustration with these young pups on the sideline? Here’s to hoping our new bench coaches are studs.


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              I think the key to the game for the Shockers will be how Markis and Samajae play. If those guys play under control and smart and get their teammates involved then the young guys hopefully will respond in kind.

              Having Teddy telling Markis 'Yo, you got to slow down, bro.' perhaps will do the trick. Sometimes hearing something like this from a teammate is more impacftul than hearing it from the coach. Sounds like Markis acknowledges that is a problem for him. Now can he maintain focus and control. I think if he plays for his team and his teammates first and foremost he can do this the right way.

              To some degree Samajae needs to do the same thing. Get his teammates involved and engaged and save the one-on-one stuff for when it is needed most.