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Arkansas baseball schedule wallpapers

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  • Arkansas baseball schedule wallpapers

    just thought I'd share these wallpapers I made. 127 days until opening day if anybody cares.

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    dude, those are money


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      Charlie, if it was anybody but you posting Arkansas baseball calendars on Shockernet we would have a field day. But, you've earned the right. The site would be poorer if you weren't here. Nice stuff.
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          Now, somebody get to work making some of these for Wichita State (preferably basketball).



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            Very nice work, as usual, Charlie!

            The only problem is that there isn't a WSU logo on any of those calendars.


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              Originally posted by RoyalShock
              Very nice work, as usual, Charlie!

              The only problem is that there isn't a WSU logo on any of those calendars.
              Agreed. They need to get this series back on the schedule.


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                Thanks guys. Of course I agree with you that it's too bad our teams aren't playing this year.

                Starting in 09 we will begin playing more home games, and since you guys also look to play as many home games as possible, I'm not that optimistic that we'll ever see a weekend series.


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                  Truly nice work Charlie.

                  I'm sure you're right about the weekend series, and yet a home and home would be a damned big draw, at least for WSU, every two years as opposed to smaller crowds every year. WSU fans will bristle, but I'm going to say it anyway; We need an annual series with Arkansas a lot more than they need one with us. Number one, their strength of schedule is much better than ours. Number two, they probably sell out their stadium no matter who they play. And three, they have more fierce rivalries than us and have nothing to prove by playing us because they ALREADY own us.

                  My point is, really, if a home and home series would even be on the table, and it's WSU that's making it difficult for us to get together, than shame on us. Very often we make out like Arkansas or Oklahoma State or Nebraska are the one's being difficult.

                  On the other hand, home and home and 1 for 1 IS a requirement, and I'm not convinced those schools are willing to do that, but who can blame them? They don't have to do that, and if these series continue to mean more to us than they do for them, no, they will never happen. We're at an impasse.

                  Sorry Charlie, didn't start out intending to hijack your thread! And yet, you know, posting your schedule here and all... :-)


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                    You're right about us selling out regardless of opponent. What matters much more is weather. If it's nice, it's a packed house whether we are playing Sienna or LSU.

                    I wish I could say that a WSU series would make for great crowds at Arkansas, but sadly there are so many new/casual fans here that don't understand Arkansas baseball history or that our rivalry with you guys is probably our best one.

                    But hey DVH doesn't consult me on much. lol


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                      These are all done really good
                      If someone could do a Shocker one that would be awsome

                      Nice work.


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                        Charlie: You're great. Come to the light side and become a Shocker.
                        Some posts are not visible to me.
                        Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                          Must admit those are awesome! 8)
                          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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                            That was great work.