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Wsu vs binghamton game 2

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  • Wsu vs binghamton game 2

    Clinton takes off for a 2 run single w/ bases loaded

    shox 3 to 1 in the first, corners and cody up


    and a bird just took a shat on me.

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    3 to 2 shox after 2 and half

    the 2nd was uneventful for both

    3rd saw cody throw wide on a steal and then coleman throw it into the bearcats dugout. the runner was stopped so the throw was not needed but not sure why they gave him home as the runner only moved after the ball was away. guess since he wasn't ON second he got third plus one.

    conor leading off in the 3rd


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      I dont think there is a better 3rd baseman than Gillespie.


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        Workman brings Conor home

        4 to 2

        clinton up
        1 out 2 on

        hits a double ! coleman home, workman to 3rd.

        still 1 out


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          We got one more on a balk but kwj hit a double that got the bases cleared anyways. 4 total in the 3rd.

          SHox lead 7 to 2

          first batter in the 4 flies out to rj who caught it ... and dropped it. but the ump said he caught it first and dropped it in the transfer.


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            Sounds like Maune is giving up quite a few hard hit balls in this game, although the overall result isn't too bad.


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              pretty good for his 2nd start and his replacement started out well.

              shox up in the 5th leading 8 to 2.


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                suh weet! wifi at the eck this year!

                ill be able to upload some hq pics later in the season.


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                  Nice night at the Eck? I'm up in KC right now where it is windy, cloudy and less than 45 degrees.


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                    :roll: We seem to be running around and around in circles.... ;-)
                    Shox are ROCKIN' !
                    Semper Wu !!!


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                      Scored in every inning but the second

                      top 7 and the mist rolls in

                      11 to 2


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                        Binghamton starting a rally

                        bases loaded 0 outs

                        error scores one

                        sac fly scores another
                        then strike out + strike out
                        11 to 4

                        shox get the 2 back after the stretch.


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                          Wifi? On what? Free or pay?
                          Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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                            coleman pitches for the 2nd time

                            gives up 1 with 2 hits and a walk and 2 wps
                            and then a 3 run hr
                            shox win 13 to 8

                            didn't score in 2nd and 8th with a few pinchers there


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                              Re: Wsu vs binghamton game 2

                              Originally posted by Rosewood
                              and a bird just took a shat on me.
                              You didn't happen to get a pic of that, did ya?
                              Deuces Valley.
                              ... No really, deuces.
                              "Enjoy the ride."

                              - a smart man