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Wsu vs Harvard: Series swept by WSU, it is baseball season!

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  • Wsu vs Harvard: Series swept by WSU, it is baseball season!

    Double header today should be starting in about 10 minutes.

    Go shox

    e: Other than one bad inning / one bad hit, shox really play a flawless game. Lots of hits spread all up and down the lineup. Musgrave was fantastic and my count had 13 strikeouts but Mike k keeps saying 12. Kemp looked good on his first trip out there.

    Game 2 at about 4:20

    still nice in the sun.

    edit 2:

    Game 2 ... wow.

    First off, Schafe was just nails. He put down 18 straight after hitting the leadoff guy. I was surprised he got pulled when he did and boy did that hurt.

    Starting off with a home run from dirks followed by a home run by coleman only to later get a dirks hr and a coleman hr was kind of cool, and a sign that this game would be strange.

    What was really strange was watching the bullpen implode on itself. My goodness what a mess that was. Shox blew a leadoff hit by Tweb in the 8th and then 2 more in the 9th ... down 10 to 5 going into the 9th, things were not pretty. Harvard's starter darn near snuck in a win. He was done, but still the pitcher of record when they scored 8.

    And boy did Harvard have us. They blew what could have been a game ending double play and we capitalized. So glad we came back because had I frozen my butt off for a loss like that ... oh man would I have been mad.

    E: Game 3. rocking chair game. I was amazed at how many free passes Harvard gave us. Capra was fantastic and the Bullpen rebounded nicely. Good game, great weather. It is baseball season.

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    Are we game on?

    There is nothing on the radio.


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      and once again Im stuck behind a train

      I hate 21st


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        Radio's up now. No pregame.

        I'm heading there myself but a little late.

        GO SHOX!


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          A wild start shox score 3


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            Is anyone else having trouble with their internet feed. It sounds like they are broadcasting a basketball game in the background


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              stranded 2
              Rob is doin fine

              3 to 0



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                6 Ks for musgrave after 3


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                  just like that, tie game
                  harvard leadoff dbl then had runners at the corners , 1 out full count and then a wind blown HR made it a new game.


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                    got them back on more pop ups harvard missed

                    6 to 3


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                      Keep it coming guys, I'm trying to keep track of six HS basketball games too.


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                        after 6 harvard 3 shox 9

                        Another 3 with some solid execution and base running ... and another harvard error.


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                          t web hr clears bases and gives us 7 in the 7th.

                          16 to 3

                          still 1 out

                          t web 5 rbis

                          16 hits


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                            Harvard 3 - WSU 16


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                              tyler hill makes 2 of the 3 outs

                              16 to 3