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It's a new era for Shocker baseball

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    This is from a week ago but I haven't seen it on here yet. I apologize if I missed it.


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      I don't know if any of you baseball fans have been watching the Netflix series "Cobra Kai", but I think Coach Wedge has a lot of Johnny Lawrence in him.
      Auf geht's Shockers, Shieß on tooor!
      Sheiß on tOOOOr ...
      Sheiß on toooOOOOoooor!


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        The roster has to be at 36 (I think) by spring. We have 4 Freshman catchers. I would think that it would be paired down to two at the most and/or one may redshirt. I'm sure they like any player who can hit. Do any of the catchers play another position or perhaps be a strong enough hitter that they may experiment with another position? Does anyone which catcher is impressing the coaches most?

        Last year, our infield was a light hitting bunch (well actually besides Kocis (mostly DH last year, Cornblum, Gibson, and perhaps Van Vooren, our hitting was not good. I can't imagine that a lineup littered with 250 hitters isn't where Wedge wants to go (although I knows he puts most of his eggs into a pitching and fielding basket). I know they have high hopes for the transfer from St. Louis from Maize. Any other news on fielders/hitters that are impressing coaches most that others know about?

        Doc did say that Jace Kaminska, and Cameron Dye have been Freshman Pitchers who have impressed and that Gibson is hitting the snot out of the ball. Anything else?


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            Posting this here as a sort of blast from the past. Former Shocker pitcher Remington Johnson started a podcast and featured Brent on his last episode. When Brent tells stories, you listen!

            Once a Shocker, Always a Shocker-- RIP Guy Alang-Ntang

            Shocker Basketball=Life


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              Dynamite D1 Baseball article. If you want good news and a reason to be FIRED up about something Shocker related, take a gander at this (and no, I did not write the article).