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2019 AAC Football

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  • 2019 AAC Football

    Cincy picked up a 24-14 home win over UCLA on Thursday and Memphis earned a 15-10 home win over Ole Miss today.

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    NIce win for SMU at #25 TCU today 41-38 but #15 UCF lost a tough one at Pitt 35-34 with Ptt scoring the winning touchdown with undera minute to play in the game.

    Tulane opened the AAC season Thursday with a 38-31 home win over Houston in a game between what appear to be 2 pretty good football teams.

    Tulsa giave Wyoming their first loss of the year with a 24-21 home win. Wyoming opened the season beating MIzzou 37-31 at home.


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      I watched the game of UCF and Pitt. Talk about a choke coaching job by head coach Josh Hephl. Even the announcers were baffled and could not figure out the lame play calling. Instead of taking advantage of Pitts injuries by their corner backs by continuing to pass the ball UCF kept running the ball up the middle for no gain. Talk about a lost opportunity for the league. The UCF fan base is livid over the dumb play calling.

      Another thing did you see how many empty seats were in the stadium? I know the best of the best are doing good but a lot of schools just look bad.


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        Anybody else watching UConn football flail about? It pleases me greatly. 42 to 0, early 3rd. UCF
        One quick note before we present the rankings: With Wichita State’s move to the American Athletic Conference, the Shockers have moved out of the mid-major club. We wish the Shockers well against Cincinnati, UConn, SMU, and more.


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          Unfortunately Uconn covered.


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            With 3 AAC teams in the top 25, and UConn leaving now is the time for WSU to bring back football!
            I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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              Originally posted by kcshocker11 View Post
              With 3 AAC teams in the top 25, and UConn leaving now is the time for WSU to bring back football!


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                How is MVC football doing?!?!


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                  ESPN Gameday is in Memphis. Entertaining, great turnout.


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                    Really good AAC matchup between #18 Memphis (10-1, 6-1) and #19 Cincinnati (10-1, 7-0) in Memphis on ABC at 2:30 pm


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                      Pretty good game so far. Memphis returned the oepning kickoff for a touchdown and took a 17-3 lead at the end of the 1st quarter. Cincy responeded with 85 yard and 80 yard touchdown drives in the 2nd quarter to tie the game but Memhis got a late field goal to take a 20-17 lead at the half.

                      Cincy has already clinched the AAC East Division and a spot in the AAC Championship game. If Memphis wins today they will clinch the West Division spot in the AAC Championship game. If Memphis loses today they will have to see how Navy does tomorrow at Houston. A Memphis loss and a Navy win puts the Midshipmen in the AAC Championship game.

                      Memphis looks to me like they have the better athletes but Cincy isn't bad. Both team look well coached.

                      Cincy is playing a freshman quarterback making his 1st half. Not sure if that is due to an injury to their #1 guy or not.

                      With Memphis leading 27-24 with about 5:00 minutes to go Cincy knocked down a pass attempt at the line on a 3rd and 10 and were going to get the ball back. But a Cincy defensive back who had been blitzing threw an elbow at a Memphis lineman well after the play and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. The 15 yard penalty gave Memphis a 1st down and they drove for a game clinching touchdown to win the game 34-24. After the penalty Cincinnati looked totally deflated.

                      Bottom line though I think Memphis was the better team.

                      The two teams will meet again next Saturday back in the Liberty Bowl for the AAC Championship game..

                      Pretty entertaining game up until the total brain cramp by the Cincy defensive back.
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