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    This FBI Foul-Up In General Flynn’s Questioning Leaves The Whole Agency Looking Like Clowns

    What this actually shows is that the extensive and detailed notes that the government has claimed from the get-go were those of Pientka were actually the Strzok/Page creative writing class project. The skimpy notes, that were claimed to be Strzok’s edits and additions, are actually the real-time notes taken by Pientka. More significantly, there is nothing in what we now know to be the original notes that support the edits and corrections.

    So we’re left with a duel of razors. Hanlon’s Razor tells us to never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity. Occams’ Razor says the simplest explanation is the most likely. In this case, the simplest explanation is that the switch of 302s was deliberate. It was carried out after Flynn’s guilty plea and after the law firm developed a conflict of interest that should have required it to be removed from the case. The FBI felt free to do this because the chances of them being found out were about zero.