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2008 Royals - April

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  • 2008 Royals - April

    The season is now in full swing. Albeit a day early, we're close enough to April.

    KC comes from 3-down to take a 4-3 lead.

    Gordon - 2 run HR in the 6th
    Buck - RBI single in the 7th
    Gload - RBI single in the 7th

    Headed to the bottom of the 8th.

    Now the Tiggers tie it on a Carlos Guillen HR off Tomko.

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    free baseball!


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      Tony Pena Jr shows true grit and brings home Johnny Buck.

      Good thing they will show a repeat tonight on FSN


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        Is it still possible for the Royals to blow this?
        Deuces Valley.
        ... No really, deuces.
        "Enjoy the ride."

        - a smart man


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          theres always a chance.

          Funner on 3rd 1 out top of the order coming up.

          But Soria is tough. Mexican tough!


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            or not

            Royals win 5-4!!


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              What a great way to start the season!

              Clutch hitting, clutch pitching from the pen.

              Took one from one of the toughest lineups and starting pitchers in the league.


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                The Royals are in 1st in the division!


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                  Can't wait to see what Banny does Wednesday. I'm excited for this season. Can't wait to see Guillens first KC hit either...
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                    I hope Cox gets FSN KC in HD soon. I sent them an email asking when they would be getting it but they just sent me a generic "we're trying" email in response. At least this year it looks better on regular Def than it did the past few years.
                    "You can observe a lot just by watching."
                    -- Yogi Berra


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                      One down 161 to go!
                      I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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                        Alex Gordon on pace to hit 162 home runs! Lets hope he does it!
                        "You can observe a lot just by watching."
                        -- Yogi Berra


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                          I just downloaded the schedule into my outlook express.

                          I feel awesome.


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                            Pen looked pretty good. Tomko ok, Nunez lights out, Soria got the save, against a great Tigers team. Winning the first series would be huge.


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                              Like last yr the Royals win the season opener... then the S*** snowball gained momentum and yup another horrible season.

                              Feel different about this yr though... im predicting a bold 3rd place in the central behind Cleveland and Detroit. Also last season wasnt necessarily horrible, a lot of young bloods got some action. Hopefully the same guys will continue to develop and produce.

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