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"...they didn't lose."

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  • "...they didn't lose."

    I was searching for something else and found this web page about the Shocker football tragedy in 1970. I thought it was a nice read.

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    Thanks that was a good read.

    I was doing a temp job out at Resthaven quite a few years ago and going through files I found quite a few of the victims of the crash.
    There was nothing morbid just where they were buried and death certificate but Resthaven also keeps copies of obituaries and what not.
    I got to sit back and read the actual Eagle-Beacon accounts of everything that happened.

    I felt very sad but at the same time instilled what it means to be a Shocker and how much I love this school.


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      Nice find and thanks for sharing.
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        My father-in-law was a sophomore on the WSU football team in 1970. He was on the "black" plane that made it safely to Logan, Utah. He has a scrapbook that has every story that the Wichita Eagle printed regarding WSU football during his playing career. I have been to several memorials and events over the past 10 years with members from that team. President Beggs has done a great job of reaching out to these former players and getting many of them to come back to Wichita for these events. That team will hold a special place in my heart forever.


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          There was a thread a couple of weeks ago about the flight the basketball team made to Evansville. I wanted to post this story then, but for personal reasons I didn't think it was appropriate in that particular thread.

          P.S. I have always supported the return of football to WSU... I believe we owe it to everyone associated with the 1970 WSU football team.
          SFL is back!


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            Taken from SFL's link, here is a link that will let you "fly to" the crash site. You need to have Google Earth installed.



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              Originally posted by RoyalShock
              Taken from SFL's link, here is a link that will let you "fly to" the crash site. You need to have Google Earth installed.


              Thanks Royal... I forgot to mention the Google Earth "fly to" link.
              SFL is back!