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  • Howdy RDR

    Ricky and other Aggies, thought you might enjoy this article.

    You are proud and unique group and I for one love the tradition. Many parts of me wish I was good enough to attend A & M.


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    I've drank long into the night with random Aggie fans after the last two KU/A&M football games. Absoletely one of the best fan bases I've ever experienced. My buddies and I walked around the tailgating areas in College Station this year and didn't need to ask for a beer the entire time. Of course we heard some trash-talk, but all in good fun and always followed by "need a fresh beer?" Good times!


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      I agree, I was at the A&M/KU game this year and A&M has a great fan base. We had all the free food and booze that we wanted. Kyle Field is an impressive facility.


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          I only remember the last two transitions well enough to comment.

          Here are the players I would rate differently. My criteria is a little different as I would only give a 5 to a player that can carry a team.

          Smithson to Turgeon
          Benton: 4
          Mack: 4
          Phillips: 2

          Turgeon to Marshall
          Cooz: 4
          Durley: 3
          Harris: 1

          I had totally forgotten about Josh Drumgole. He was thought to be one of Smithson's better recruits, having high upside. IIRC, he was a bust.


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            Another question is are we rating for the immediate year of turnover or the player's career? That could change the rating for a guy like Durley or Mekel or some of the older guys that looked to be better a few months into the transition than what ended up coming to fruition.