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CU assistant softball coach arrested

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  • CU assistant softball coach arrested

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    Well it looks as if things on valleytalk may get interesting in the near future lol.


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      “Losers Average Losers.” ― Paul Tudor Jones


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        This kind of thing is a big problem, in several ways.
        1. I dislike porn and I would be happy to execute people who hurt kids. (Maybe a bit extreme but jail time is certainly appropriate.)
        2. With computer security so poor, anybody on SN could be set up by having such porn placed on their machines. Even if it can be shown that you are innocent if they find such porn on your computer, you have lost your job and your savings (for lawyers). With rape, DNA evidence showed that some people (men) were innocent and they were released. With files on a computer, you may go to jail even if you are innocent and someone framed you or downloaded such files without your knowledge.

        So (i) "shoot" the evil people, (ii) protect the innocent and (iii) sometimes we can't tell the innocent from the guilty.

        ASIDE: People with concerns about the law/police/etc. are often thought of as having an "axe to grind" and usually are considered to have violated the law in the past. Just so you know where I am coming from: (i) other than a couple traffic tickets, I've never had a problem with police or the law. (ii) I serve on a committee with police officers; they are great people. (iii) My "axe to grind" is computer security. If you use Microsoft, you're just asking for something bad to happen. Even if you use Mac, Linux, BSD, BeOS, OX2, SunOS, AIX, etc., security should be a concern; nothing is perfectly safe.

        The Supreme Court:
        At the end of the month, the government will ask the justices to overturn an appeals court ruling that struck down a provision of the main federal law against child pornography. The lower court said the portion in question criminalizes merely talking about illegal images.

        So, protect your computer!! Consider using Linux. Beat Creighton!!

        ADDED (from a site with interest in the law):
        Imagine proving that a Microsoft computer is "reliable", "in working order", "in a good state of repair", and that the business using it has "built-in safeguards to ensure accuracy and identify errors". Malware of all kinds and spoofing and root kits and invasive changes to records by those unauthorized to do so would all have to be addressed. That is a higher bar, but in this day and age, who can say that it's not set at the right level? Remember the school teacher whose computer was compromised? It happens to a lot of people and businesses too. How then do you know when digital records are authentic? A court of law needs to know, so here's what happened in this Vinhnee case:
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        Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.