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Desiraye Osburn Update

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  • Desiraye Osburn Update

    Ok, today's comprehensive article on WSU sports reminded me how much I love track and field and how hard it is to keep track of any useful information, especially in non Olympic years.

    So I tried to do a little research to see what Desiraye is doing these days.

    She ended up 5th in the 3000 steeplechase at Nationals. It would appear that she is concentrating on this event and perhaps thinking this is her best chance at the Olympics next year.

    Here is a link to a (mildly) recent interview.

    The 3000c is a relatively new event for women. The WRs for the 5k and 10k are really out of reach for all American women at this point. For instance the American record in the 10k is a full 1 minute 20 seconds off the WR. World wide we don't compete well at these distances.

    Being a new event for DO she had a PR of 9:59 going into the summer and in her 5th place finish last night, she lowered that mark by 12 seconds. Hopefully she will go to Europe this summer and continue to develop her skills and prepare for a run at the Trials next year. Seeing her wear the red white and blue would be an awesome sight.

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    Desiraye ran a terrific race Saturday and put herself in position to be on the Pan-Am Games team this summer as well as increase her earning potential in Europe. John Hetzendorf's 4th place finish might get him on an international team as well.



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      Desiraye competes at 3:10 this afternoon if my international clock is right. If there is anyone out there with a LOT of time on their hands that could DVR ESPN Deportes around that time just in case they show the race that would be awesome. Just a shot in the dark.

      Good Luck Desiraye! I am guessing she has a real shot at a medal as the stats say she has the best PR in the field.


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        Desiraye led at the 2k mark but faded a bit in the stretch to finish 4th.

        Her time was 9:59, 12 seconds off her PR. The gold and silver medalist both set PRs in the event.

        I'll bet she continues to improve and will make the US team in this event next year.