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All Valley Championship

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  • All Valley Championship

    In a drive for a 4 peat how do we stack up?

    If my math is correct we compete in 15 sports.

    This school year we have achieved the following results:

    Women's Volleyball: 2
    Men's Cross Country: 4
    Women's Cross Country: 1
    Men's Indoor Track: 5
    Women's Indoor Track: 1
    Men's Golf: 2
    Women's Golf: 6
    Men's Outdoor Track: 3
    Women's Outdoor Track: 1
    Men's Basketball: 6
    Women's Basketball: 9
    Softball: 4
    Baseball: 1 or 2
    Men's Tennis: 2
    Women's Tennis: 1

    Total either 48 or 49. That's a little over a 3 average. Will it be good enough to bring home the title?

    It does look good at this point!

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    On another thread someone lamented the possibility that CU might beat us.

    We may lose but it won't be to CU.

    Their programs are not strong top to bottom. They are hit with at least one 10th place, three 9th place and one 8th place finish.

    That's 45 right there. They aren't going to beat us.

    Bradley, Evansville and Drake likewise have tons of bottom feeder finishes.

    That leaves MSU, UNI, SIU, ISU (red) and ISU (blue).

    A quick check shows MSU out of the running.

    SIU looks strong. Let's see what we can come up with..........


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      Men's Basketball: 1
      Women's Basketball: 1
      Men's Golf: 4
      Women's Golf: 1
      Men's Tennis: 5
      Women's Tennis: 6
      Volleyball: 7
      Softball: 3
      Baseball: 5
      Men's Indoor Track: 3
      Women's Indoor Track: 5
      Men's Cross Country: 3
      Women's Cross Country: 2
      Men's Outdoor Track: 4
      Women's Outdoor Track: 5

      Total of 55. This assumes a 5th place baseball finish. They could finish as high as 3.

      It has to be SIU or us. I am not going to look any further.


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        Does soccer count for those schools that have it?


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          Last year we won the championship with an average of 3.20, which was the third best under this scoring system. There was only 1 time where the average was under 3.

          "Cotton scared me - I left him alone." - B4MSU (Bear Nation poster) in reference to heckling players


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            With baseball winning the regular season championship we should win our 4th straight title