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jane....time to go.

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  • jane....time to go.

    ....this team/program as a package deal is an unmitigated disaster.

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      Jane, Jane go away, if you don't, we won't stay! rah rah!
      Deuces Valley.
      ... No really, deuces.
      "Enjoy the ride."

      - a smart man


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        This is by far the worst team Jane has had and the worst coaching I have personally seen in quite awhile. To take a team with so much experience and turn them into a team of under-achivers is quite remarkable.To lose to a Drake team three times this year that lost three starters and the teams leading scorer is quite an accomplishment Jane. Good job I think we will give you anotheir 4yrs. to run things further in the ground. I wonder what Darrell Smith would have done with the resorces that the ladies have today with the new arena, locker rooms. Weight facilities, training room,ect. Smith never got to use those things to try to keep improving the program. Heck he was the only won with a winning record in the schools history. He might not have been a perfect role model like the type Jim wants, much like Jane. But at least he taught his players how to fight and be tough, and oh yea, maybe win and compete. Jane is just satisfied with her team showing up. She was mighty proud of her team, and as she said, it would have been easy to lose her team late in the season but she felt like she didnt. Common get a grip Jane, you have lost every-one including the fans, the act is old and we need a new show.......


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          Well said, sorry it has taken several years for you all to come around. Not to mention she has a high paid staff, a director of basketball, and numerous other people no one else ever had. Heck she doesn't have to do anything but show up and coach, and has to this point failed.