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Shockers Provide Cure For SIU Ailments

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  • Shockers Provide Cure For SIU Ailments

    In a game that I was really expecting the Shockers to win over a reeling (4 game losing streak including a 20 pt home loss to MSU on Friday) and injury depleted (only suited up 8 players) SIU the Shockers continue their road woes under Jane Albright losing by a 66 - 54 score.

    In a way, this loss may have been as bad or worse than the blow-out by Evansville on Friday.

    The bottom of the MVC this year is pretty balanced. Not very good, but prettty balanced. These are the kind of games you have to win.

    I don't think there was much doubt before this weekend that Jane's tenure is coming to an end, but this weekend's games should pretty much eliminate any and all doubt that her days are numbered.

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    Just sad
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      Shocks extend their road record during Coach Albright's tenure to 7-58.

      The next two home games vs UNI and Bradley are winnable (or losable), but that may be just about it for games the Shocks have a realistic shot at winning over the remainder of the regular season.

      Considering how they play on the road, you can't expect wins in the remaining roadies vs Illinois State, Indiana State and Missouri State.

      The final two home games vs Creighton and Drake will require the Shocks to play well above their norm to win.

      4-14 in the MVC is about as good as they are going to do. 5-13 if they can pull one upset. Could be worse if they don't take care of business at home this week vs UNI and Bradley.

      This can not be any more fun for Jane than it is for the team and the fans. It would appear that a change would be mutually beneficial to all
      constituents of Shocker Women's Basketball.


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        well said...and it might be noted that osu was putting a big time beat down on a good nebraska team this afternoon in lincoln...welcome to wichita, mr.jim littell!


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          I agree, well said, 1972! And adding in the fact that Jane starts FOUR SENIORS that SHE RECRUITED makes it an even harder pill to swallow. Definitely embarrassing no matter how you spin it. Hopefully Schaus can put aside his strong ties with Jane and do what needs to be done ASAP.


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            I don't think Jim Schaus really has an other choice but to make a change at this point. I'm sure Jane is bright enough also to know the writing is on the wall.

            This is, in fact, Jane's most experienced team. Not only does she have the 4 seniors starting, but she also has 4 juniors playing significant minutes and it is not like these players did not get a lot of time on the court in their freshman and sophomore years. It is a very, very experienced team. Unfortunately, we see little, if any, improvement as a team during Jane's tenure and, frankly, they do not play like an experienced team.

            Unlike the Men's team, where looking forward creates some excitement and hope, looking forward for our women's team provides little hope of a turn around absent a coaching change.

            When you get to the point that the fan base can not even say "wait until next year" then you have no choice but to change the recipe, so as to hopefully add a ray of hope to the mix.


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              I agree with the fact that the team Jane is putting on the floor is an experienced group, but I still have hope for the Freshman. I am going to guess this is not what they "signed" up for. And what about Val will she help? She brings DI experience with her.


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                Val will help. Too bad she couldn't play this year. Or didn't attend WSU out of HS.
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                  Val should help as has been discussed elsewhere on this forum. Hopefully, she can replace Kyrie Kinder's production.

                  I like Sam Smith and Jenn DeGarmo also. Jury is still out on Jadhon and Shantel. The freshman as a group did have perhaps their least productive outing vs SIU contributing 0 points and 0 rebounds.

                  However, developing players has not exactly been a strength exhibited by Coach Albright.

                  I think these younger players will also benefit from a coaching change.


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                    Until we get out of the "get the ball to Kiki" game, we won't know what any of these players are capable of providing. Someone said Kiki was a bright spot this weekend, but I maintain Jane's bias toward her is the problem. I wonder if the other coaches in the conference have figured out Jane wants Kiki to have the ball every possession? DUH! Our guards have trouble handling the ball when the plays only have one option - to Kiki. Easy to scout - easy to defend.

                    And, while some have touted our improving defense, I question why you would put in a defense that encourages the 3 point shot in a conference that prides themselves on 3 point shooting. I would bet if we looked at all the losses, we'd see the difference mainly in the 3s category. Now, we can't get an open 3 because no one will set a decent screen - but then again, we're not trying to get 3s, we're trying to get Kiki to the #1 spot on the career scoring list - perhaps so Jane will be able to say she accomplished something here.

                    Seems Jane's version of defense is to pick one player on the opponent to try to shut down (sounds similar to our offense). She just doesn't "get" that if the opponent has any type of teamwork, shutting down one player won't translate to victory.

                    If Jane really wants to prove she's here for the program, she'll bench the seniors once we are out of running in the conference for the #5 spot because finishing 6-10 really doesn't matter since you are in a play-in game. That would prove she's ready now to set the path right for next year.

                    But, she won't because Kiki has 2 records to try to set and Jane's loyalties lie there. And, if you can't figure out who the next Kiki is, then you aren't paying attention.


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                      :clap: BRAVO


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                        I guess we disagree on another point, 1972. Player development is, indeed, a strong point for this coaching staff. One need look no further than the academic non-qualifier who could not produce anything as a Freshman and did nothing but accumulate 3-second and traveling calls her 1st 2 years...Antionette Wells. She tore the Valley up by her senior year, and is now having a flourishing professional career. There is a good chance that she will be in the WNBA this summer, having been cut on the last possible day (as far as I could tell) last year.
                        But lets look at Aubrey Cameron....she was quite limited as a player when Coach Albright arrived, and developed to her highest potential.
                        I overheard one member of the senior class that Albright inherited say something to the effect that "I wish I had at least one more year with this coaching staff. I could really be better."
                        I have reviewed taped TV broadcasts from Taylor and Kyrie's freshman season...WOW!! Have they been developed! Again, probably close to their potential as ballplayers.
                        I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

                        If I could remind us all--there just is NO DOUBT that this coach can coach the game and coach it well. 9 NCAA appearances, 3 NIT's, all-time winningest coach at TWO schools, Finalist for National Coach of the Year, Big 10 Coach of the Year.... Has the turn-around happened here? Not yet. But the cupboard was left BARE for her. The fractured senior class which did not understand "team" sports and imploded under Coach Smith was quickly gone, leaving players like Denise Turner, Alicia Cade, Katie Cummings, Kelsey Richardson, and Rochelle Busenitz, who ALL, for one reason or another, could not finish their career here at Wichita State. That leaves Tenia Green and Aubrey Cameron and Antionette Wells from the previous coach's tenure after the first year. Only three players....that is a BARE cupboard!
                        Now, what is Schaus supposed to do? Losses have mounted as this staff has carefully and steadily gone about building a PROGRAM here. Recruiting classes are of higher and higher quality. WSU had the 3rd highest attendance in the MVC during 2006-07 despite a 9th place finish.
                        The WSU women's basketball fundraiser raised more than twice as much money last year than under any previous coach.
                        Jim Schaus gave Daryl Smith FIVE years...and he didn't walk into the MESS that Albright did! How could he possibly not give a PROVEN entity like Albright, who is going about things in the way HE has requested, and who walked into TWICE the mess, at least one additional year beyond what Smith got, in order to achieve the REAL goal, which is development of a successful program? Like many of you have said, I don't envy Schaus's position. But with the addition of Siemens, Kayla Rice, and the guard from Tulsa, and with a summer to put Sam Smith, Jennifer DeGarmo, and the other freshmen on a strength and conditioning program, and with Hoyt having a year of experience behind her, and with (hopefully) a healthy Whitney Rice from the beginning of the year next year......there is hope!!! It is my firm belief that NO COACH could have righted this half-sunk ship in less time. Come on, folks! She is one of the most respected coaches in the country! At least she was until she tried to help Jim Schaus out of this bind......
                        i will close with reference to an article in the Madison, WI paper last week, which basically says that they would like the "glory days" with Jane Albright back. I hope that we aren't seeing that article in the Wichita Eagle in 5 years......


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                          Ha Ha Ha you make me laugh


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                            Wushock-- i can see what you're talking about...With that last comment I meant I hope we won't be regretting the loss of possible upcoming "glory days". I know there haven't been any so far here. Gotta laugh at myself a little bit on that one!


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                              trufan: I was worried because it sounded like you thought THESE are the glory days. :roll: We're all glad you haven't lost it completely. Yet. :whistle: :lol:
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