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Where's Wells?

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  • Where's Wells?

    There's no broadcast thanks to Shocker baseball, so I can only see what's happening on Gametracker.

    What happened to Wells? She wasn't in foul trouble, but to this point (14+ minutes, 2nd) she's only played 9 mins.

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    Should I rephrase that...?

    Where's the team? Did they even travel to Illinois?

    This was painful to watch, even on GT.

    What's the Shocker record for the least amount of points in a game? 39 has to be awfully close.

    And I do mean...awfully. Is it me, or does it seem the players are just going through the motions? Bet they're not looking forward to the next game. (Wanna bet ther'ye looking forward to cleaning lockers instead???)

    Yes. I feel your frustration.


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      Mercifully, I was not able to listen to the game today. Just got done checking the box score on 72-39. A lousy way to close out a lousy regular season.

      Ationette played only 17 minutes but only had 2 fouls. So she was either injured or was just not bringing the necessary effort to please the Coach.

      The Shocks shot a nice round 15-30 from the field and, assuming you don't count Daria Frazier (2-5 from the field) as a guard, the guard position contributed a 1-15 performance from the field.

      SIU held a 48-29 rebound advantage and had 12 turnovers to 19 for the Lady Shockers (Whitney and Daria each contributing 4 turnovers).

      SIU completes a big turnaround. They totally missed the MVC Tournament 2 years ago. Last year they finished 8th. This year the are Champs. I guess it can be done.

      This result makes me wonder if Coach Albright has totally lost this team at this point.

      Another similar performance at Drake in Des Moines will put them and us out of our misery for this year and I would think put Coach Albright's future as head coach of the Shockers in even greater jeapardy then it already is.



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        this league is ripe for the just starts with a good hire.

        mr.jim littell...your table is ready.


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          Annie did not start either half and came in after about 7 minutes had passed. She was late to a team meeting and was being punished.


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            Originally posted by Shock_You
            Annie did not start either half and came in after about 7 minutes had passed. She was late to a team meeting and was being punished.
            Thanks for the info. Hope this is not a harbinger of how we will play next year without Annie.

            The 48-29 rebound advantage for SIU was a really eye-popping stat in this game. Although I'm sure the Shox shooting 15-50 from the field aided SIU greatly in building this huge rebound advantage.