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  • upcoming evansville game

    With the upcoming road game against Evansville, I thought that I would review the play by play on from the last time the Shockers played them. Indiana State (who beat Vanderbilt) and Mo State (who won 4 Valley games in a row, including Evansville) are both in the middle of the pack in Valley standings, making those GOOD wins. Evansville is # 2 in the Valley standings, having won SEVEN games in a row, including beating Drake and Creighton. A win against them would be a GREAT win, particularly on the road.
    On review of the last game, the Shockers were within 5 points (60-65) with just 3:21 to go. They then missed 4 shots and had to start fouling, allowing 8 points off free throws during that three minutes. They lost by 16 in the end, but it was a much closer game than that sounds.
    Since that time, Marcy Sudbeck has been able to adjust to the "5" position better and is contributing more consistently. (By the way, when people on this board are wondering what the Shocks can do without Kiki next occurs to me that Marcy back at her natural "4" position and Sam Smith at the "5" might make a formidable duo!) Another development has been the return of Whitney Rice to the lineup (She did not play against Evansville at all.) A third important thing has been that Freshman point guard Jacie Hoyt has settled into the college game a bit more and now has far fewer turnovers.
    So....can they play with their new confidence on the ROAD? I certainly hope so. I'd like to see them be COMPETITIVE with a topnotch Valley team like Evansville. A win would be even better!

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    A win on the road over Evansville would definitely be a good win. It would be the Shocks 1st win of the season against a top 100 RPI team. Evansville has an RPI of 88.

    It should be a good atmosphere. Evansville is holding Fan Appreciation Night. All adults tickets are $1 and kids are free with a Take a Kid to the Game Voucher. Those vouchers have been distributed to all area schools and are also available at the ticket office. So it sounds like they will generate a pretty good home crowd.

    Evansville is pretty skilled but the Shocks will have a size advantage on the inside with Bunton, Sudbeck and Smith.

    I'm not expecting a win, but it would be nice to be competitive especially since the game is on TV.


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      Doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight.

      Evansville up on the Shocks 56-30 at the half.

      I think the Shocks have 17 turnovers in the first half.

      The good offensive movement the had against MSU did not make the trip to Evansville.

      Fortunately for the Shocks, Evansville really did not play that well until about the last 4:00 minutes of the half and the Shocks did hit a couple of 3's late or it could have been even worse.

      Minor positives for the Shocks are freshman Jenn DeGarmo and Sam Smith.


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        Evansville 94 - Shockers 60 in a game that was not really that close.

        Evansville pulled most of their starters during the last 10 mintues of the game.

        Shocks continue their abysmal play on the raod.

        MSU blasted SIU by a 78-58 score tonight in Carbondale so maybe the Shocks can finally win one on the road against a reeling SIU team, but if they don't play better than the did tonight the will not win.

        27 Turnovers, poor offensive movement and teamwork again, poor defense and tons of foul trouble added up to another BLOW OUT on the road.

        Too bad this one had to be on the tube.


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          actually, 72, it's NOT too bad this was on tv...might grease the skids....

          calling mr.littell!


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            Hard to believe the skids could get much greasier, but I guess tonight proved it certainly can.