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  • Desiraye Osburn-Speer -- SteepleChic

    Desiraye Osburn still running. Has added the SteepleChsse to her events.

    Personal Motto/Favorite Quote(s):
    "The difficult I can do, the impossible is just going to take a little longer."

    Something People Don't Know About Me: I never won a state title in cross country or track in high school, however I was a 2002 Class 2A Kansas State Weighlifting Champ.

    Has their ever been a Shocker who improved more from high school to the end of their college career than Desiraye? Maybe, but I don't know who that would be.

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    I am a huge fan and really looking forward to seeing if she can qualify for the Olympics in this new event for women.

    Given her track record (pun intended) I wouldn't bet against her.

    Best of Luck Desiraye!


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      Desiraye has to be a 1st ballot Shocker Hall of Famer doesn't she?


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        I took in a few hours of the KTW today and really enjoyed the competition. It's a shame the weather was so poor. I would love to see a real high quality track meet in Wichita every year.

        Watching the athletes I recalled Desiraye's efforts in the PanAm games last year (4th place finish) and I checked one ranking that has her 7th right now.

        If all goes well she will be running in the Olympic Trials final with a chance to represent her country on July 3 in Oregon.


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          I heard Desiraye is injured and not going to be competing at the Oly Trials this year. Too bad.