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perhaps the ONE chance for a road win...

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  • perhaps the ONE chance for a road win... bradley..

    btw...anybody been checking out the locomotive that is osu? and the man partially responsible for one of the most remarkable turnarounds?

    that's littell....

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    Hope this locomotive gets turned around! Will adjustments be made? Guess we will see tonight at 7:00..... osterwu:


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      Actually, the Shocks have 2 good CHANCES to pick up wins on the road.

      Tonight at Bradley picked #10 in the league and Saturday at UNI picked #8 in the league, but lost one of their two seniors last week when Megan Keefe, a 6'1" forward, decided to leave the team for personal reasons and one of the other bigger girls has been slowed by an injured foot.

      At this point I expect the Lady Shocks to win both of these games.

      If they do they could actually have a better MVC record than the Shocker men at the end of the weekend.

      I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Ok, I do know.


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        good point...that WOULD be sad!


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          Shocks down at the half 40-30 to a Bradley team that is without its leading scorer and rebounder, Monica Rogers, who blew out an achilles tendon late in last Sunday's game vs Illinois State.

          Could be worse as the Shocks were down by as much as 16 but rallied behind Daria Frazier to close within 10 at the half.

          Shocks with 15 turnovers to Bradleys' 6. Bradley also shooting the 3-ball pretty well.

          Hopefully, Bradley will cool off from the perimeter and the Shocks can come back and get a badly needed win.



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            I really wouldnt be shocked if we go winless in the valley
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              Bradley did cool off in the 2nd half only scoring 26 points, but the Shocks only scored 24 (and that was with Frannie Vathauer hitting 3 treys in the last couple of minutes) to drop a 66-54 game to Bradley.

              Game really got ugly the last 8 minutes or so.

              A lot of turnovers again for the Lady Shockers.

              I was fairly upbeat about their chances on this road trip, especially considering Bradley was playing without their leading scorer and rebounder.

              Jane's teams continue to play poorly on the road. While I'm not surprised with another road loss, I am surprised that Bradley basically coasted to an easy win.

              Shocks could do an 0-fer through the MVC this year, but surely they will pick up at least a couple of wins at home.


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                Missouri State drilled UNI by a score of 78-55 tonight in Cedar Falls.

                Shocks (RPI 225) vs Panthers (RPI 223) Saturday evening in a Battle For The Basement.

                UNI is very young. Only 1 Senior and no Juniors on the roster.

                Shocks will agains have a sized and experience advantage. This time I say they get it done, although nothing is a sure thing with this team, especially on the road. UNI does own a home win over Bradley.


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                  Missouri State all over Bradley this afternoon 70-55 in Peoria. All of a sudden Nyla Milleson, the Bears new coach, seems to have MSU playing much better with 4 consecutive MVC wins after a 2-11 start.

                  Illinois State came back from a 32-38 deficit at home vs Indiana State to win 77-70 and stay undefeated at 5-0 in the league.


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                    Shocks with another poor 1st half digging themselves into a 21-37 hole against a very, very young UNI team and Shocks have a size advantage inside. UNI has one Senior and no Juniors on their roster.

                    Shocks shooting the ball very poorly with the exeeption of Kyrie Kinder. Kyrie has 9 points. The rest of the team is 3-21 from the field.

                    Normally, I would say the game is over, but with UNI being so young and undersized I think the Shocks have at least some chance of making a comeback yet. No prediction, and recent history is definitely not in our favor.

                    Kiki Stephens picked up 3 personal fouls between the 2:09 and 1:00 minute mark at the end of the half.


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                      UNI up 60-30 with about 7:00 minutes to go.



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                        this is schaus can let this continue is beyond me...the ONLY thing working in jane's favor is the men's team...


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                          Shockers fall hard to a very inexperienced and somewhat undersized UNI team by a 63-30 final score.

                          Thank goodness UNI had 19 turnovers and finished off the game with a cold spell. The last 8 minutes of the game UNI won 3-0.

                          Shocks were just a little cold tonight going 10-58 (17.2%) from the field including a 9 point second half when they shot 3-30 (10.0%). The Shocks went scoreless (zero, zilch, zip, nada) over the last 11:42 of the game.

                          Just a pathetic performance to finish off a pathetic road trip.

                          :sick: :sick:


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                            Originally posted by molly jabali
                            this is schaus can let this continue is beyond me...the ONLY thing working in jane's favor is the men's team...
                            I think this last road swing losing to Bradley (picked to finished last), playing without their leading scorer and rebounder, 66-54 in a game that was not that close, then getting destroyed 63-30 by what is essentially a JUCO team (all freshman and sophomores plus 1 average senior) that lost by 23 at home to MSU on Thursday night, is much worse than the two blowouts to Creighton and Drake a couple of weeks ago.

                            Just absolutely nothing to hang your hat on for this year or for the future.

                            Since we are already going to have the press gathered for HCGM's press conference on Monday why don't we save everyone some time and effort and also announce that Jane is stepping down immediately.

                            Give Mike Gillespie a chance to show if he can bring anything at all to the table over the remainder of the year.

                            Jane now 7-56 away from home at WSU and Bradley and UNI were by far and away the best chances for one or two more road wins.

                            :-x :sick: :x :wacko:


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                              Pack your bags Jane! You are a nice lady, but you are not doing your job, and it is detrimental to the overall program.