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  • It doesn't take a rocket scientists to see that Destiny has worked very hard to get to where she is.
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    • Lucy and Destiny at the NCAA Championships

      Lucy Ndungu will race in the 10,000 meters final on Thursday at 10:08 p.m. CT (8:08 PT). The junior from St. Louis, Mo. will enter as the No. 23 seed after taking 11th at the NCAA West Preliminaries in Fayetteville, Ark. to punch her ticket to the final. Her season- and personal-best time of 33:41.31 ranks fourth in Shocker history, and she is the third-ever female Shocker to qualify in the 10,000 meters to the NCAA Championships, the first since Aliphine Tuliamuk in 2013.​

      Destiny Masters will also compete on Friday, opening up day one of the heptathlon at 3:00 p.m. CT (1:00 p.m. PT). She will then compete in the open high jump on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. CT (2:00 p.m. PT) in addition to her day two heptathlon events, which will begin at 12:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. PT). The junior from El Dorado, Kan. punched her first heptathlon ticket to the NCAA Outdoor Championships after qualifying for the NCAA Indoor Championships in the pentathlon and high jump earlier this year and making it to the 2023 NCAA Outdoor Championships in the high jump. She enters this competition as a two-time First Team All-American and one-time Second Team All-American and is seeking her first outdoor first team recognition. Masters is the first female Shocker in history to qualify to the NCAA Outdoor Championships in the high jump in back-to-back seasons and the first Shocker to qualify to the national meet in both the high jump and multi, indoor and outdoor, in the same season. Masters is the No. 14 seed in the heptathlon with her 5,749 points at the Wichita State Multi and is tied for the No. 10 seed in the high jump with her clearance of 1.85m/6'0.75".​

      The meet will be streamed on ESPN2 on Thursday and Friday and ESPN on Saturday. Live results will be available on Flash Results.​

      Lucy Ndungu – 10,000m – 10:08 p.m. CT (8:08 PT)

      Destiny Masters – Heptathlon - 3:00 p.m. CT (1:00 p.m. PT) – 10:00 p.m.CT (8:00 p.m. PT)

      Destiny Masters – Heptathlon – 12:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. PT) – 6:15 p.m. CT (4:15 p.m. PT)
      Destiny Masters – High Jump – 4:00 p.m. CT (2:00 p.m. PT)​
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      • Okay, I will mention it. It is Lucy and Destiny ... in the post title.


        • Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
          Okay, I will mention it. It is Lucy and Destiny ... in the post title.
          Thanks. Corrected.


          • Lucy finished 6 spots ahead of her seeding.

            The junior from St. Louis, Mo. ran 34:18.02 and is now one of three Shocker women to ever run a 10,000-meter race at the NCAA Championships. Her 17th-place finish was just one spot away from the top-16 distinction of Second Team All-American and caps off an incredible first year with the Shockers at the Division I level.

            Ndungu finishes her junior year with a runner-up all-conference performance at the AAC Cross Country Championships, two runner-up all-conference performances at the AAC Outdoor Championships and Honorable Mention All-America recognition at the NCAA Outdoor Championships.​


            • Destiny is 9th of 24 in the Hept 100 M Hurdles at 13.82 giving her 1004 points.

              1972Shocker will be here I suspect with info about relative performance for her. The time was not marked as PB or SB (season best?).

              The High Jump portion of the Hept starts at 4 pm CT. Many of the competitors are already marked with a P, Pass at the initial height.

              Destiny continues to Pass. Ten of the twelve jumpers in her Flight have jumped at least once. It appears her first jump will be at 1.72m for 879 points.

              We now move to 1.72m, and two jumpers are already out. Destiny clears 1.72m on her first attempt. Since jumpers are competing against a standard and not each other, I assume the decision to Pass is an energy-conserving decision. There is one remaining jumper is who Passing at this height.

              Destiny clears her second jump at 1.75m. Four jumpers are now out. Destiny clears her first jump at 1.78m. Three more jumpers drop out at this level; five remain.

              Destiny makes her third jump at 1.81m. Three jumpers remain.

              Now at 1.84m or 6-1/2. Destiny clears 1.84m on her third jump! Two remain.

              Now at 1.87m or 6-1.5. Destiny is out, earning 1029 points. With Flight 2 of the High Jump also complete, Destiny's total of 2023 is good for second place. Those are her two best events? Her height is not marked as a PB or an SB.
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              • Fantastic clearance at 5'11" and 1/4 for Destiny! I don't think she has another height. Not enough down time and she missed pretty bad on the 1st and 2nd tries.


                Another great jump from Destiny! Brushed it but the bar stays up!

                On to 6'1" and 1/2.

                Amazing talent and effort from Destiny.


                • I believe this height would be a PR for Destiny. It's saying 1.85 is her season best and personal best.

                  This would be 1.87 if my math is correct.

                  Hammered the bar pretty hard on her 1st attempt. With just 2 left now in her bracket, the jumps are really close together.

                  2nd attempt was probably her best of the 3 but she'll finish 2nd. Great effort! Charity Hufnagel cleared on her last attempt, but she has a 1.93 PB in her. That's 6'4" so it's not surprising that she'll finish ahead of Destiny.

                  1029 points.
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                  • The Hept Shot Put is scheduled to start at 6 pm CT. Each competitor has three attempts.
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                    • Shot put begins at 6.

                      Destiny should be between 39-42 feet. She's made some progress in this event but not enough to contend on the top end.

                      If she could get a strong first attempt, and I think she throws last in her group, that might allow her to try and pop a PR. Her form has regressed though throughout the season this year, in this event.

                      Thinking something north of 12 meters would be a decent result here. 12.71 is her PB and SB.


                      • 11.62m is Destiny's first attempt. The second attempt is 11.94m. The pattern for all the competitors seems to be a "safe" first throw to be sure they have a mark, and then "go for it" after that. Seventeen of the competitors have a better second throw.

                        She popped a 12.37 on her last throw, good for 686 points. Her overall place now is sixth with 2719 points.

                        I do not recall which place is required for All-American status.
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                        • Three heats of the Hept 200 M is the last event of the day. Of the Season Bests, Destiny's is 14th.

                          There is a serious break between the Shot Put and the 200 M. The latter is scheduled for 943 pm CT.
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                          • Great job reporting flyingMoose and WuDrWu

                            Top 8 finish is 1st team All-American. 9th through 16th are 2nd team All-Americans.

                            flyingMoose you are correct that the first 2 events, The 110m hurdles and the high jump are Destiny's 2 strongest events.

                            Her 13.82 in the hurdles was only very slightly off her PB of 13.80. Her high jump of 1.84/6-.05 was also just very slightly off her PB of 1.85/6-0.75. So that was a terrific start for Destiny.

                            The 40-7 in the shot put, not a strong event, was a foot shy of her PB but not really a bad effort. Anything over 40' is a good effort for Destiny.

                            Athough she finished 18th in the 200 she did set a new PB of 25.09 vs a previous PB of 25.48.

                            At the end of day 1 she is tied for 7th place with 3,598 points. When Destiny set her PB of 5,749 points in early April she scored a total of 3,529 points on day 1. So all-in-all a very good start for Destiny.

                            The day 2 events are kind of a mixed bag for Destiny. Her PB in the long jump is 6.07/19-11. Anything over 19' would be pretty solid. Preferably something around 19-6 would be wonderful. In 5 meets this year she was over 19 feet 4 times. Her PB was set in May of last year.

                            In the javelin Destiny has been over 40 meters 4 times this spring with throws ranging from 40.84/134-0 to her big PB of 47.46/155-8. Her last javelin effort was 2 weeks ago at the NCAA West Region meet with her 2nd best throw of her career at 43.63/143-2. OTOH she has 3 other events this season where she was under 130'. Let's hope she nails one tomorrow.

                            Destiny's ulitmate fate usually lies with the 800m run. Her nemisis and her least favorite event. Her PB of 2:27.47 was set at last year's AAC Championship meet. Her best time this year was 2:28.28. Those are the only 2 times she has been under 2:30 outdoors in her career. However, she did run a 2;25.62 indoors in the pentathlon at the NCAA Indoor Championships in early March.
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                            • In the 200 M, Destiny ran a 25.09, a PB. That time is good for 879 points.

                              Her total points after the first day of competition are 3598, good for seventh place.

                              The Long Jump, Javelin, and 800 M are on the schedule for tomorrow. The Long Jump begins at 1230 pm CT.
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                              • She ran a GREAT 200. Ok turn but she was flying at the end and almost got up to win her heat.