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  • Shocker SB at Memphis

    The Shockers continue their conference schedule with a series at Memphis against the Tigers. Because of Easter, the series begins on Thursday with a single game starting at 5 pm, continues on Friday with a DH starting at 2 pm, and closes on Saturday with another single game at 11 am.

    Memphis, the preseason pick for seventh and last in the AAC, has a record of 6-20. They were swept by USF last weekend, losing two of the games by run-rule, 0-8(6).

    For the Tigers, only Kendall Lee (.817) and Alyssa Dean (.808) have an OPS above .800. Lee is the team home run leader with three.

    Six different pitchers have been in the circle for Memphis. Those with the most innings are Mariah Nichols (ERA of 8.27 and WHIP of 1.84), Chyanne Ellett (7.98 and 1.80), and Hallie Siems (6.49 and 1.59).

    The record for the Shockers is now 20-5 with a 3-1 mark in the AAC. They are RV in the Coaches' Poll.

    The three highest OPS for the Shocks belong to Addison (1.430 and twelve homers), Neleigh (1.425 and six homers), and Butters (1.106 and eight homers). The twelve home runs by Addison exceed the team total of ten for Memphis.

    Numbers from the circle for the Shockers are Bailey (1.56 and 1.15), Erin (3.39 and 1.18), and Caitlin (2.14 and 1.42).
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    Looks like the Shocks are getting rid of the weak sisters early on this year. Not sure if that is good, bad or indifferent.

    Hopefully, the Shockers will bet better as the whether gets better. Although not sure how Sydney and Addison could really get much better than they have been.


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      Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
      Looks like the Shocks are getting rid of the weak sisters early on this year. Not sure if that is good, bad or indifferent.
      The Shocks close their conference regular season with UCF, USF, and Tulsa. The bye week for the Shocks is the last weekend of the conference regular season when they host the Razorbacks in a DH. That should keep them primed.


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        Series article from the Shocker site


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          Game One

          Shockers 12-2(5) Memphis

          A solo home run by Butters in the first inning and a three-run third with solos shots by Sydney and Addison and an RBI-double by Ryleight set the stage for a big fifth inning by the Shocks. The eight runs scored in the fifth were highlighted by a two-run blast by Ryleigh and a solo homer Neleigh. Some sloppy ball by the Tigers contributed to the five runs in the middle of the inning.

          Memphis scored single runs in the third and fourth with a double and a home run, respectively.

          Bailey got the win, giving up five hits and a walk and striking out four. A highlight of the offense not yet mentioned is the three hits by Sydney.


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            The Lady Shocks are now 21-5 on the season but the toughest part of the Schedule willl come following the Memphis series to close out the season. The Shocks have 3 more games with Memphis than 23 more games starting with #1 Oklahoma. No easy touches to follow either.

            The Lady Shocks have hit 51 home runs on the season so far. The team record for home run in a season is 59 in 2018. With 26 games to play that record looks ready to obliterated. But we'll have to see how they do once they get into the tough schedule over the second half of the season.


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              Shocks find themselves in a pitching duel today in Game 1 of a doubleheader. Erin McDonald gave up a home to right center to the Memphis lead off batter in the bottom of the 1st. Ryleigh Buck led of the Shocker 2nd with a home run to center. All tied at 1-1 after 5 innings.

              In the bottom of the 5th Erin put herself at risk with a 2-out walk and a hit-batter. But she got a strike out on a raise ball to keep the game tied.

              In the top of the 6th Neleigh lead off with a rocket that ricocheted on 1 hop off the 1st baseman's left knee with the ball ending up at 2nd base. Ryleigh was htit by a pitch. BaileeN laid down a successful sac bunt to move Neleigh and Ryleigh to 2nd and 3rd. Walks to Camryn and Kaylee push across the go ahead run for the Shocks. After a change in pithers Jessica Garcia walks to force in another run making it 3-1. Back to the top of he lineup. After getting a second life and with the infield drawn in Sydney hit a sharp ground ball to the left of the 2nd baseman who was able to stop the ball but could not field it cleanly and Sydney was given credit for hit (could have been scored an error) driving in Camryn making it 4-1. Addison got ahead in the count, took 2 strikes on edge of the zone pitches then popped up of the handle to the 3d baseman. Kaylee was caught way off the bag for some reason and was doubled off to end the inning. The Shocks have the lead but primarily deu to Memphis charity. Outside of Neleigh's lead off shot the Shocks really did very little with the bats although they weren't getting many pitches in the strike zone.

              Looks like Neleigh's lead of hit was actually ruled an error. I would have rule that a hit and the ball Sydney hit an error. So I guess it balances out although Neleigh may not think so.

              Erin gets the 1st two Tiger hitters in the bottom of the 6th but gave up a home run to left center on a 3-2 pitch to make it 4-2.

              In the top of the 7th Neleigh hit by a pitch with 1 out. Ryleigh hits her 2nd home run of the game to center to put the Shocks up 6-2. Nice to see Ryleigh break out of her mini-slump. 3 walks and a fly ball gave the Shocks the bases loaded with 2 outs but Sydney flew out to center to end the inning.

              Memphis gets a nice bunt single with 1 out in the bottom of the 7th but a pop up to Ryleigh at 3rd and Erin's 6th strikeout brings the game to an end.

              Shocks 6 - Memphis 2

              A very competitive game. Nice job by Erin McDonald and nice post-game interview. Ryleigh with the big stick today. 3 home runs for Ryleigh in the the 1st two games.

              So far both game probably closer and more competitive than the final scores indicate.
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                Game 2 of the DH; Game 3 of the Series

                Caitlyn Bingham in the circle for the Shocks.

                The Shocks went down in order in the top of the 1st (sort of). Sydney singled to left. Addison struck out and Sydney was out C to 2B but some kind of interference was involved. My guess is Addison interfered with the catcher on the throw to second. Butters struck out.

                Memphis takes a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the 1st on a single, walk, single and a ground out.

                In the top of the 2nd Neleigh singled to center to lead off the inning followed by a walk to Ryleigh. Bailee reached on a fielder;s choice as Memphis got a 1-5 force at 3rd. My guess is Bailee was attempting move the runners over and did not get a good bunt down. Camryn struck out and Kaylee ground out.

                Memphis threatened again in the 2nd. Ground out, double, walk, fly out to center, and a hit by pitch loaded the bases with 2 outs. Caitlyn escaped with a ground out to short.

                2nd outing in a row that Caitlyn has not been very good. At least early on in this game.

                More charity from Memphis set up the Shocks with a good opportunity in the top of the 3rd.. After Wylie grounded out to 1st, Sydney walked, Addison reached on an error by the shortstop and Butters is hit by a pitch. Bases loaded with one out. Neleigh walked on 5 pitches and forces in a run. Ryleigh flied out to left field but apparently not deep enough for the runner to tag. Nickerson grounded out to short to end the inning. Shocks will take the run but should have taken more.

                In the bottom of the 3rd Caitlyn gets the lead off batter on a groundout to second. Gets ahead in the count 1-2 before waling the next batter who then stole second base to give Memphis another RISP with 1 out. A ground out to third and a ground out to 2nd end the inning. The ground outs are a good sign for Caitlyn, She gets a lot of ground outs when she is right.

                7-8-9 due up for the Shocks in the top of the 4th. Camryn walked. Kaylee out at first 1-4 advancing Camryn to second (sounds like a sac bunt). Wylie singled to first advancing Camryn to 3rd (either a drag bunt or a swinging bunt maybe). Sydney doubled to left center scoring Camryn and moving Wylie to 3rd. Addison who has been struggling today singled to short with both Wylie and Sydney scoring and Addison taking 2nd on the throw (not exactly sure what exactly went down here). Butters singled to center with Addison advancing to 3rd. Neleigh walked on 5 pitches to load the bases with 1 out and Memphis changes pitchers. Another really good opportunity for the Shocks awaits someone to cash in. Ryleigh reaches safely on an error by the 3rd baseman with Addison scoring and leaving the bases loaded. Bailee gets ahead in the count at 3-0 and ends up striking out looking. Not a good at bat. Camryn then also struck out looking. That has to drive HCKB batty.

                Shocks lead 5-2 heading into the bottom of the 4th but so far they have not really done much offensively. Mostly they have benefited from Memphis' generous gifts.

                2 outs on 6 pitches in the bottom of the 4th then a 4 pitch walk. Then a called strike, foul ball, foul ball and a called 3rd strike to end the inning. Caitlyn struggles to maintain consistency it seems like. Last 2 innings much better than the 1st two innings.

                8-9-1 due up in the top of the 5th for the Shocks. Wylie drew a 1-out walk. Sydney lined out to center. Wylie caught stealing to end the inning.

                Caitlyn opens the 5th with a 4 pitch walk. The next batter flies out to center with the runner at 1st tagging and advancing to 2nd (doesn't sound like a routine fly ball out). An infield single to short put runners at 1st and 2nd with 1 out. A fly out to center and a pop up to right ended the Memphis threat.

                2-3-4 due up in the top of the 6trh for the Shocks. Addison pops out to short. Butters falls behind 0-2 then take 4 straight out of the zone. Butters stole second (not something often writ about Butters). Neleigh fouls out to 3rd. Ryleigh ground out to short. Shocks leaving it up to Caitlyn.

                In the Memphis half of the 6th Caitlyn grabs a liner for the 1st out and a strike out. However, a 2-out double to right and an error on Camryn at first scores a run for Memphis and the Caitlyn serves up a gopher ball for a 2 run homer to left and just like that the game is tied and 5-all. A fly to right ends the at bat but the damage is done.

                Bailee Nickerson led of the Shocker 7th with a home run to center to put the Shocks up 6-5. Jesica pinch hitting for Camryn, Kaylee and Wylie all struck out.

                Does Caitlyn have the mental toughness to make that 1-run lead stand up? We'll see. Caitlyn goes to a full count on the 5-hole Memphis batter leading off the Memphis 7th. HCKB not confident Caitlyn can get it done and brings in BaileyL who inherits the full count. Last time BaileyL relieved Caitlyn it did not go well for the Shocks. Bailey gets a ground out to second on the inherited batter for an out. Bailey gets a strike out but the batter reached on a passed ball. Bailey then hits the next batter and Memphis has runners on 1st and 2nd with one out. Bailey gets another strike out and this time Butters catches strike 3. Another strike out ends the game so a great job BaileyL as the Shock hang on to win 6-5.

                This game was not on a video stream but it sounds like a really ugly game with both teams making mistakes and both teams getting big clutch home runs late.

                I don't feel like the Shocks played well at all today outside of maybe Erin McDonald in the circle for the 1st game and Ryleigh with 3 home runs. Feels more like Memphis gifted the wins to the Shocks then it felt like the Shocks earned the wins. I doubt HCKB will be very happy about the way the Shocks played today. But the won them both and I guess that's the most important thing. But with a very tough closing 23 closing games on the horizon the Shocks need to play much better than they did today.

                Edit: I should also say the Sydney is playing well also but she is so consistent you don't really notice it.
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                  Game 4.

                  Bailey Lange in the circle for the Shocks. Breeze blowing straight in from center.

                  Memphis hands the Shockers a run in the 1st which has been a bad habit for the Tigers. Shocks had a Addison on 3rd with no outs but Butters popped out to short in foul territory and Neliegh struck out. After a walk to Ryleigh, Bailee flied out to right center.

                  Bailey L set down Memphis in order in the 1st in the

                  Kaylee walked with 1 out and advanced to 2nd on a sharply hit line drive to center by Sydney with 2 outs. Addison ripped a rocket that Memphis' 3rd baseman was just able to snag on a nice play to save a run or two from scoring for the Shocks.

                  Bailey set down Memphis in order again in the 2nd helped by Addison, who is in right today, throwing out a Memphis batter at 1st on a sharply hit ball to right to take away an apparent base hit.

                  Butters leads off the 3rd with a well hit solo home run to left center. Neleigh flew out to the wal in left on a high fliy ball that she just missed followed by Ryleigh with a can of corn to center and Bailee with a can of corn to right. Shocks lead 2-0.

                  Bailey walked the lead off batter on 4 pitches. 3 of them pretty close. A slow grounder to 1st for an unassisted out moves the runner to 2nd. After a stirke out Memphis is back to the top of the order. Bailey with a 1-1 count throws back-to-back changeups for two swinging strikes to end the inning.

                  7-8-9 hitters for the Shocks go down very meekly in the top of the 4th. Getting under the ball a lot on this Memphis pitcher. 10 of the 12 outs have beend on balls in the air with only Addison's 2nd inning line drive what I woulsider well hit.

                  In the bogtgtom of the 4th Bailey starts out with a 3 pitch strikeout then fell behing 3-0 on the next batter. Got the count to 3-2 but gave up a well hit double over Addison's head in right field. Bailey with a little help from the home plate ump got a called 3rd strike for out #2. Kaylee paid a nice play on a slow roller to 2nd, made a perfect throw to Camryn at first who just flat dropped it. A high fly ball to Bailey Urban ends the inning.

                  Top of the order due up for the Shocks in the 5th. Sydney leads off with a really nice bunt single. Sydney thrown out attemping to steal 2nd. Addison out on a one hopper to 3rd. On a full count Butters reaches out on pitch that was probably ball four but too close to take and blooped a single just inside the right field line. Neleigh hit a little bloop of the handle that the Memphis second baseman ran down in short right center on a nice play to end the inning. Credit to the Memphis pitcher in this one but overall not impressed with the Shocks approach in ths one.

                  Nice bunt to the right by the Memphis lead off batter in the 5th but Camryn and Kaylee combine on a nice play to get the out. Sydney, playing in agains one of Memphis slappers, with a very nice play to her left to and a nice throw will moving to her left to get the 2nd out. Another bunt attempt it popped up to Ryleigh at 3rd.

                  Ryleigh leads off the Shocker 6th with a walk. Bailee gets ahead in the count 3-1 and pops out to shallow center. Jessica pinch hitting for Camryn hits a lazy fly to right for the 2nd out. Lolo pinch hitting for Kaylee finally gets on top of the ball and rips the first pitch she sees down the rightf field line for an RBI double with Ryleigh scoring from first base. One of the best at bats of the day for the Shocks. Memphis changing pitchers and Bailey Urban strikes out on 3 pitches to end the Shocker at bat. Shocks lead 3-0.

                  Top of the order due up for Memphis in the 6th. On an 0-2 count the Tiger lead off hitter taps a slow roller to short that Sydney just has to eat. A line drive to the right side was caught by Kaylee. Bailey hits the next batter and Memphis gets the tying run to the plate. On a sharp single to left Memphis tried ot score the runner from 2nd (a dumb play trailing 3-0) and the relay from Bailey Urban, to Sydney to Butters to get the out at the plate and the runner on first then was caught too far off 2nd and she was out at 3rd 2-6-5 as the Sydney picks up 2 assists on the play.

                  That ending to the Memdphis at bat in the bottom fo the 6th seems to have awaken the Shocker hitters. Sydney continues her hot hiting with a single to let and Addison hammers a home run over the center field wall. Butters then doubles to the wall in the left center although she was almost thrown out at 2nd. Neiliegh, who doesn't seem to be seeing the ball real well, strikes out on a ball in the dirt. Lauren Johnson, running for Butters, took 3rd as the catcher had to throw Neiligh out at 1st. Ryleigh popped out weakly to short. Bailey hit the ball on the nose to center turning the center fielder around but she was able to corral the line drive on the warning track. Shocks lead 5-0.

                  A comebacker to Bailey, a nice running catch on a fly ball to left center by Bailey Urban and a grounder to 2nd closes it out for the Shockers.

                  Player of the game has to be Bailey Lange for the 3-hit shutout. I give honorable mention to the Shocker defense that was very good with the one exception of Camryn's drop of a ball at 1st that Bailey worked around.

                  The Shocks did what they had to do this weekend. Could not have afforded a loss to Memphis. Not sure whether the overall level of play the last 2 days will be good enough over the final 23 games which looks to be much tougher than the schedule the Shocks have faced to this point. But we will see.
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                    Sydney takes over the team batting average lead from Neleigh. Neleigh's 0-4 collar today drops her from .435 to .411. Sydney's 3-3 day raised her from .430 to .447.

                    Sydney still had only struck out 1 time in 110 total at bats this season. She may well be this year's MVP to this point despite Addison's outstanding start to her Shocker career.


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                      Other AAC Series

                      USF 3-1 Houston

                      Georgina Corrick won two games 1-0, throwing four-hit and two-hit shutouts. Hulon was the loser both times for Houston

                      UCF 1-3 Tulsa


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                        Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
                        Other AAC Series

                        USF 3-1 Houston

                        Georgina Corrick won two games 1-0, throwing four-hit and two-hit shutouts. Hulon was the loser both times for Houston

                        UCF 1-3 Tulsa
                        And these are the 4 teams left on the Shocks AAC schedule all picked to finish ahead of the Shocks in the preseason coaches' poll. Houtston and USF at home; UCF and Tulsa on the road. Will not be easy. Plus very a very tough set of non-con games with OU, Kansas City (2), Kanssas, Oklaoma State and Arkansas (2) with only Kansas being on the road. That some quality competition coming to Wilkins Stadium.
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                          The Memphis announcer had some bad stats on Addison Barnard. Early in the game he reported Addison had 1 home run and13 RBI. After she hit her 2-run homer in the 7th he said now she has 2 home runs and 15 RBI. Actually, Addison now has 14 home runs and 39 RBI.

                          Addison is leading the AAC in home runs, RBI, and Slugging % and is 2nd in total bases and runs scored.
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                            Sydney McKinney Earns Second Straight Player of the Week Honor (Bailey Lange on the Weekly Honor Roll Again)


                            Wichita State sophomore shortstop Sydney McKinney has been named the American Athletic Conference Player of the Week for the second consecutive week after a helping Wichita State to a 4-0 weekend at Memphis.

                            McKinney has been on a tear since conference play began. The Norborne, Mo., native was 10-for-14 (.714 avg.) at the plate in the series at Memphis, including a double, home run, four RBI, six runs scored and three stolen bases. McKinney has multiple hits in eight consecutive games and is 19-for-27 (.704 avg.) in eight league games. The leadoff hitter notched three hits in two of the four games vs. the Tigers.

                            Additionally, Bailey Lange recorded her sixth American Weekly Honor Roll selection. Lange was 2-0 with a save in three appearances vs. the Tigers. The Sioux Falls, S.D., native struck out 12, while allowing just two runs on eight hits (1.08 ERA) in 13.0 innings. Lange recorded her third complete game shutout of the season in the finale, allowing only three hits and striking out five.