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2018-19 WBB AAC Conference Games

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  • 2018-19 WBB AAC Conference Games

    The Shocks (7-6) open the season at Tulsa (6-7) on Friday night at 7:00 pm. The game will televised on the American Digital Network.

    Tulsa (SOS of 146) has played a tougher non-con schedule than the Shocks (SOS of 234) and perhaps are a bit more hardened going in to AAC play. That plus being at home and no doubt being more experienced would seem to favor the Golden Hurricane.

    That said I think this is a game the Shockers can win if they play well.

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    I was going to post the RPIs from RealTimeRPI but they have the Shocks with a conference record of 1-0 and Tulsa at 0-1. So I don't know if what they have is worth ... wait, maybe they know something!


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      Editing a comment has Tulsa #175 in RPI and the Shocks at #255 more or less the same difference as in their SOS rankings/

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    RH: Hampton Starts American Play in a Good Place

    Really nice article by Sully on Jaida Hampton's progress. Jaida has shown some very nice improvement in recent games especially in her approach to how she is letting the game come to her and flow and not forcing things so much.

    The following part of the article tells me that Jaida is starting to get it:

    Hampton, who averages 8.3 points this season, credits her improvement and Wichita State's progress to reducing turnovers and better shot selection. She is trusting the offense to help her get good shots and learning that a few passes and movement can turn a guarded shot into an open shot. That helps against bigger, stronger, more experienced defenders.

    Hampton made 6 of 10 shots in Sunday's win and all three of her three-pointers. For the season, she is shooting 37 percent from three-point range, 10 of 27 after a 1-for-9 start. She is also an excellent foul shooter (80 percent) and Adams wants her to get to the line more often.

    "In the beginning, I would try and look for my shot and then I learned to let the play develop, let the defense break down and that's when you'll be able to get a better shot," Hampton said. "We've all gotten better at that."
    Not only is Jaida saying the right things but these things are clearly showing up in her play on the court. A lot of players say the right things but you don't see it transferred to their actual play. If Jaida can continue this progression in her level of understanding play she can be a very good player for the Shocks.

    Bottom line looks like the game is starting to "slow down" for Jaida.
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      The Shockers open AAC play with 4 of the 1st 6 games on the road. They play @Tulsa, @ECU, home vs Memphis, @SMU, home vs Houston and @Tulane.

      Only Tulane (10-3) is in the top 100 of the RPI at #74. Houston (6-7) is just outside the top 100 at #107.

      Tulsa (6-7) is at #175, ECU (9-4) is at #201, Memphis (5-8) is at #301 and SMU (6-7) is at $240.

      So while the Shocks could go 0-6 in these games they could just as easily go 3-3. I'll say they win 2 of these games and will be a bit disappointed if they don't. 3 wins would be a good start for this young team. Anything more than that would be extremely tasty icing on the cake.


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        Shocks fall at Tulsa 49-63. Turnovers continue to be a bugaboo. Points off turnovers favored Tulsa 29-10. Offensive rebounds favored Tulsa 19-11 resulting in a 17-11 advantage in 2nd chance points.

        Jaida Hampton continues to play well leading the Shocks with 18 points on 7-11 shooting (2-4 from three) and 2-3 from the line. Ashley Reid gave the Shocks some help off the bench scoring 10 points on 4-7 (1-2) and 1-3 from the line but mostly on one-on-one stuff.

        Did not get much from Sabrina, Cesaria, Seraphine, Carla, Raven and Shyia. Sabrina had 4 poiints on 2-8 shooting and 4 rebounds but trumped that with a team leading 5 turnovers.Right

        I may have been a bit optimistic on the Shockers chances in these first 6 AAC games. I thought the Shocks would at least be competitive tonight. That didn't really happen. A whole lot of improvement needed. Defensive rebounding needs to improve. The Shocks have to learn how to value the ball. And the Shocks have to find a way to score some points. Don't know if that will happen or not.

        Right now Jaida is about the only Shocker who seems to have things figured out and it won't be long and opponents will be keying there defense on taking her away.


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          BTW, UConn lost 57-68 to #8 Baylor in Waco last night. That broke UConn's 126-game regular season winning streak. That just makes going through the AAC undefeated again even more of a sure thing.


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            Shockers travel to ECU for a game Wednesday at 6:00 pm CST. This game and this Saturday's home game vs Memphis are probably the Shocks best chances for wins in their 1st 6 confeerence games.

            Would like to see a couple of wins but even more than that I would like to see some meaningful progress in the level of play. Jaida Hamption is playing very well lately but we need a handful of other players to step up. Cut down on the turnovers, don't give up so many offensive rebounds, share the ball and make a decent % from of their free throws.

            Shocker Game Notes and Links.


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              I haven't been able to watch or listen to the 1st half but looking at the stats the Shocker are lucky to only be trailing 21-29 at halftime after being down 12-27 midway through the 2nd quarter.. Sabrina only played 5 minutes and picked 2 fouls. Also not sure if she is totally recovered from her recent illness or not. JaidaH who has been our best player over the last 3 or 4 games is 1-10 from the field.

              Hopefully, they will play the 2nd half like they did the fina 5 minutes of the 1st half.

              Didn't happen. Quite the opposite.

              ECU 78 - Shocks 56.

              HCKA not a happy camper. Her team turned it over 21 times, played less than stellar defensively and were outrebounded by 20. She said that is an awful long way to travel to get you butts kicked.

              No doubt the young Shockers are really struggling.
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                Memphis leads the Shocks 35-20 at the half. An extremely poor first half for the Shocks. 6-28 (21.4%) including 1-14 (7.1%) on 3-Pointers plus 13 turnovers. Getting consistently beat down the court in transition. BBIQ that is off the charts (at the bottom of the graph). The only positive is that is has been a total team effort.

                The only thing worse than the Shockers play in the 1st half has been the American Digital Network internet broadcast. A Power 6 effort it is not my any means.

                Whatever light I may have thought I could see at the end of the tunnel has been pretty much totally extinguished.

                Memphis is not a great team and a come back is not impossible but it won't happen with a major turn around in quality of play by the Shocks in the 2nd half.

                Final: Memphis 71 - Shockers 50.

                Shocks were 2-27 (7.4%) from behind the 3-point line. 25 Shocker turnovers.

                Shocks fall to 0-3 in AAC play averaging 51.7 points per game and losing by 14, 22 and 21.

                Probably can't play much worse than today but this team does seem to be backsliding somewhat.

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                • flyingMoose
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                  My thought, too. This team hit its (very low) peak a couple of weeks ago.

                  Today, they had no answer for Davis on the inside who scored 26. Sabrina needs to stay on the court somehow but keeps running into foul trouble.

                  The Shock used a 1-3-1 half-court trap with Cesaria up top to start the 4th quarter to cut the gap to 10 at one point.

                  On the post-game show, a lot of time was taken talking about the shooting woes.

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                Shockers Seek First League Win at SMU Tuesday

                Another winnable game but the Shocks need to play much better and smarter than they have been recently.


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                  Cox 22 is broadcasting this game.. I guess they must have some sort of agreement with the American Digital Network.


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                    Shocks off to a very poor start. Down 10-2 at the midway point of the 1st quarter. Sabrina picked up 2 fouls in the 1st three minutes. She was playing very poorly so it may not be that big of a deal. Shocks have nothing going. Made one nice basket in transition. Nothing so far in the half court.

                    Shocks down 21-9 at the end of the 1st quarter. SMU is averaging 56.6 points per game this year.

                    Shocks down 37-25 and the end of the half. Carla (10), Raven (5) and Ashley (5) have 20 of the Shockers 25 points. Jaida Hampton's recent struggles continue a she is 1-10 from the field.

                    A comeback in this game is not out of the question if the Shocks can pick it up on both ends of the court and minimize the turnovers.

                    Shocks trail 53-34 after 3 quarters.

                    Final: SMU 78 - Shocks 50

                    If you have nothing nice to say....................

                    HCKA - Were not a very good basketball team right now. Sounds like changes might be forthcoming.
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                    • flyingMoose
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                      Along the lines of the comment of ShockTalk, I had hopes early in the season, but I now do not think there is a Jessica Diamond or Chynna Turner on this team.

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                      I still expect to see some improvement between now and the end of the year although that might be masked by a stretch of games in late February against UCF, USF and UConn.

                      How much improvement I hope to see is difficult to say. Perhaps if we can work up to scoring 60 points a game instead of the 50 points a game we have averaged over our 1st 4 AAC games.

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                      Regarding flyingMoose commenting on no Jessica Diamond or Chynna Turner on this year's team that year's class included Jazimen Gordon and Michelle Price as well. The previous year saw Haleigh Lankster become a Shocker. The following year we added Kelsey Jacobs and the year after that we add a player named Alex something or other.

                      I still think Carla, Seraphine, JaidaH and Shyia will be pretty good players before they are done. Asia Henderson is an intriguing player especially with her size. Hard to say whether she will get there or not. Looks like she is getting better to me but obviously not enough for HCKA to have confidence in her. Trajata and JadaP probably should have redshirted this year.

                      So if HCKA can continue to add 2 or 3 decent pieces to this group every year they could be pretty solid in their junior and senior years. Not that I am expecting another Alex what's her name to show up. Would be nice though. It would be nice to add a big regularly who is not an absolute project.

                      And if you are going to carrying 15 scholarship players we need to develop a consistent redshirt program of 2-3 players a year.

                      On the other hand there is a reason no one is seeking out my opinion on this stuff.

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                    Shocks after jumping out to a 7-2 lead trail Houston 20-27 at the half of a really fugly game. The Shockers have 12 turnovers but Houston outdid them with 13. Sabrina is carrying the Shocks with one of her better performances in a half is some time. Sabrina has 11 points on 4-7 from the field and 2-3 from the line with 1 assist and 1 turnove. Helps that she only picked up 1 foul. Unfortunately, the rest of the Shocks are 4-18 from the field and 1-5 from the free throw line with 11 turnovers.

                    Final score: Houston 66 - Shocks 58. Shocks played better in the 2nd half with Carla coming alive in the 3rd quarter although I wasn't impressed with the Shocker defense until they went to a 2-3 zone in the 4th quarter. Sabrina finishes with 6-11 shooting and Carla had 17, 15 in the 2nd half on 7-15 shooting and Raven added 9 on 3-4 shooting. Both teams had 21 turnovers.

                    Houston was missing a couple of players including Jasmyne Harris, their leading scorer, but they didn't seem to miss them too much.

                    At this point the Shockers simply don't have enough fire power to hang with most of these AAC teams. Still the Shocks almost got to 60 points and kept the losing margin in single digits for the first time in 5 AAC games so maybe that is a small step forward.

                    Shockers RPI ranking has fallen to #275, worst in the AAC.
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                      Congrats to the Lady Shocks on picking up their first AAC win knocking off Tulane 62-44 in New Orleans. While not an offensive explosion the Shocks' shooting percentages of 43.8% from the field including 36.4% on 4-11 on 3-pointers and a very solid 16-20 (80%) from the line including 4-6 from Raven who has struggled mightily from the line so far this year were well above there season averages coming into the game. Looks like the Shocks defense did the job in this one holding Tulane to 29.6%/31.8% from the field although without seeing the game it's hard to tell if it was good Shocker defense or bad Tulane shooting. The Shocks outscored Tulane from the line by 11 on 13 more attempts.

                      Shocker scoring was led by Sabrina with 16, Ashley with 15 and Raven with 12. The Shockers had 13 assist to 16 turnovers which is well above average for them. Nice to see the assists go up and the turnovers come down.

                      Looks to me like HCKA may have shortened her bench tonight as she only played 9 players. Jaida Hampton, Jada Peacock, Asia Henderson and Trajata Colbert did not play in the game. Jaida Hampton's absence from the lineup is little surprising although she has been struggling of late. Not sure if any other factors were at play here or not.

                      Shocks play ECU at home on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. The Shocks lost at ECU 56-78 three weeks ago. Hopefully, the Shocks will prove some progress is being made on Tuesday.

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                        Sabrina made the AAC weekly honor roll for her performances against Houston and Tulane. The Santa Fe, N.M., native led the Shockers to their first conference win of the season with a 62-44 win at Tulane on Saturday. Lozada-Cabbage scored a game-high 16 points to go with five rebounds, two assists and a pair of steals. Over her last two games, Lozada-Cabbage is averaging 17.0 points and 4.5 rebounds per game and has seven games with 10 or more points this season.

                        Really good to see that from Sabrina. Hopefully, she can continue to play well.