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Shocker Softball Crowdfunding Campaign

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  • Shocker Softball Crowdfunding Campaign

    Shocker Athletics Launches Fundraising Campaign for Softball

    "The bottom line is that if we want to continue to create a competitive atmosphere here, we've got to be able to compete in the American Athletic Conference and our administration understands the importance of that," Bredbenner said. "They are putting as much money as they can to help that, but we need a little bit more help in a lot of different areas. That is something I'm here asking for, is for you to step in and support our program. Our kids have definitely done a good job of putting Wichita State softball on the map."


    The goal is to raise $28,000 over 60 days. When I checked they had raised $1,175 from 10 donors in 5 days.

    Seems like a modest goal but whether they will have much success using this approach remains to be seen.
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    Kristi needs to do what volleyball does. I realize you can't fleece the same people all the time, but you have engaging friendly, sharp young people to promote their own product. Do a Softball 101. A lot of people will go. And they'll raise money. There is a dedicated fan base with dollars. Give them a reason to spend it. ESPECIALLY since baseball seems disinterested in doing one. At least take advantage there. It's not easy, I know, but still. Those young ladies will do just fine and Kristi is engaging. Get it done. Minimum 25K.


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      Differing takes on your comment (not criticism but just observation)...

      Events aren’t necessarily the best ways to raise money if “raising money” is the singular focus. Studies show that the return on investment of events is not very good, given the time, effort, and expense of putting on said event. It would be much easier to cultivate a relationship with a donor and receive a $25,000 gift than to put on a $25,000 event.

      That said, you aren’t wrong in the impact of putting these young ladies around potential supporters in an event setting. I am not as familiar with this group but did have great interactions with volleyball years ago. All it took was about a couple minutes with fantastic young ladies like Mary Elizabeth Hooper, Katie Niggemeyer, Jackie Church, or (for Doc) Jordan Loney...and you’d be thinking, “Shut up and take my money.”

      This is something that WSU doesn’t do as much of as they possibly could (from what I know anyway). Have these young people interact with influencial people. It’s a win-win. The donors would LOVE it...and it would be good exposure for the student-athletes in terms of future jobs. If it takes you more than 30 seconds to realize that someone like Garrett Stutz would be a great asset for your company, you’re too dang slow.

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      Jordan Loney… I'm going to get any work done now.

    • flyingMoose
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      "a couple of minutes with fantastic young ladies": I recall from a WBB game last winter that a few representatives from the various other women's teams (women and not men, I think) were at tables on the concourse after the game to ... sign autographs? Chat with anyone? At any rate, a promotion of some sort. Mackenzie, Paige, and Laurie were there for softball and easily made a good impression. Taryn was there for women's golf and did the same. So yes, providing opportunities for them to interact with others would be a good thing.

      My other thought on this subject is that the move to the AAC was entirely driven by MBB. Wichita is a MBB town (not WBB as VB continued to outdraw WBB even when JA had our best teams). I assume that several peoples with Big Bucks helped make that move happen. That move, however, has a ripple effect on all the other sports. They are simply going to need more money to compete in the AAC. Yes, other sports need to do what they can to raise additional money (see VB 101), but the Big Bucks people need to understand the effect and allow a little of their money to trickle down to those other sports.

      BWDIK, spoken like a person who definitely is not among the Big Bucks folks.

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    Looks like the goal of $28,000 in 60 days was not a modest goal.

    With 16 days remaining they have raised $10,348. Doesn't look like they will make there goal.

    I guess that's why having a successful men's basketball program is so essential for Wichita State athletics.