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New Mexico State 66 - Lady Shocks 60.5

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  • New Mexico State 66 - Lady Shocks 60.5

    A decent effort by the Shocks who actually led for a good portion of this game and led 32-27 at the half.

    An 8-0 run with around 5 minutes left in the game wiped out a 4 point Shocker lead and the Aggies made enough free throws down the stretch to hold off the Shockers.

    Shocks were short-handed as Marcy Sudbeck missed the game with the flu.

    Freshman Samantha Smith had another pretty solid game.

    Shocks also hurt late by the loss of Kiki Stephens with her 5th foul.

    Sounded like another solid defensive effort by the Shocks holding NMS to 35% from the floor and outrebounding a good rebounding Aggie team by 46-40.

    A good effort falls a little short.

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    Apparently, the Lady Shocks have caught the same disease that is afflicting the Men's team. (No-Makey-3Point-Itis).

    While the men's 8-46 (17.4%) is pretty miserable, the Lady Shocks only managed 3-26 (11.5%) in their last two games.

    While the Ladies were not quite as dependent on the 3, both teams need to impove their perimeter shooting because neither have expecially effective inside attacks that they can consistently rely on.

    Not sure what is afflicting our shooters but it is hard for me to believe we are really that bad. (Either the men or women).

    May be time to rent a Larry-The-Cable-Guy flick to get the bad thoughts pushed out of their heads. In fact, maybe all thinking needs to be ceased. Everyone click on Empty the Recycle Bin and Let 'Em Fly and Git 'Er Done.



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      Something must be going around the locker rooms inside the Chuck.
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        Not that it is that important but I'm not sure whether the final score was 66-60 or 66-61.

        On game night the scoreboard said 66-60, but Shane said the official score he was given was 66-61. I think Jane said she thought it was 66-60.
        However, the headline and story on has it 66-61, which conflicts with the box score and game recap on which shows a 66-60 score.

        Therefore, I am going to with a final score of MNS 66 - Shocks 60.5



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          score should have been 66-61....degarmo hit both free throws at end but was only credited with one. :clap:


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            Thanks, for the clarification baller. A little bit of an odd situartion.