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Kiki--Valley Player of the Week

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  • Kiki--Valley Player of the Week

    It sure is nice to see that Kiki got recognized for her hard work and great production last week by being named POW!
    I think in addition to noticing improvement in defense (from worst to 1st so far in Valley as judged by holding teams to lowest FG%) and overall team and coaching "chemistry", I have noticed more leadership qualities from our senior captains this year than last year.
    If you are reading this, Kiki, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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    Even though there is plenty to worry about with this Shocker squad, there are some good things happening and the defensive results are hard to argue with especially since we have played some decent teams. Kiki's last two games have reminded me of how she played prior to last years injuries and supports the reports that her back and knee really are better.
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      I did not attend the Nicholls State game, but Kiki's stats were good. Kiki played very welll against Western Illinois and was tough in the clutch. In fact, the Shocks don't win the Western Illinois game if Kiki had not played so well.

      Well deserved recognition for Kiki. :clap:

      Kiki will probably have to play consistently well this year if the Shocks are going to have any success at all. Just don't see anyone else ready to pick up the slack if Kiki plays poorly or, god forbid, would be injured, although I think Kyrie Kinder is capable of the occassional big game.

      We also need Kiki to stay out of foul trouble because we really need her on the court as much as possible.