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  • RPI

    We're finally getting into respectible RPI territory. Rankings of note:

    10. Kansas State
    19. Hawaii
    21. Cal Poly
    32. Missouri State
    38. Wichita State
    53. Creighton
    57. No. Iowa
    58. Santa Clara

    These are prior to last weekend's victories over Bradley and UNI. Not sure if those will help or hurt.

  • #2
    No disrespect to Missouri State, they probably deserve their RPI.

    Shocks played a tougher non-conference schedule IMO.

    They finished 3 games ahead of MSU in the MVC (although I assume this RPI does not include their loss to UNI) and the swept the Bears in their 2 head to head matches. They are ranked 22 nationally.

    Clearly the RPI formula in use is flawed in some fashion to produce these results.

    I be heading off to Springfield this weekend with hopes that the Shocks render the RPI totally meaningless by winning the MVC Tournament.

    Best Wishes to All For a Great Thanksgiving. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for in ShockerLand.

    osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu: