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Final Regular Season Matches

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  • Final Regular Season Matches

    The only things settled for sure at this point is that the Shockers are at least regular season Co-Champions and at least a #2 seed in the MVC Tournament, Illinois State will be the #5 seed and Drake, Bradley and Indiana State have been eliminated and have nothing to lose so they have no pressure on them at all.

    The Shocks can only lose the #1 seed if UNI sweeps both the Shocks and Bears this weekend and the Shocks also lose to Bradley. In that unlikely scenario, the Shocks would finish Co-Champs and the #2 seed in the Tournament.

    The most likely scenario is that the Shocks will be the undisputed Regular Season Champs and the #1 seed, although we would just as soon take care of that bit of business Friday against UNI and not wait until the last match of the regular season at Bradley on Saturday to finish it off.

    I'm sure UNI would love to sweep both the Shocks and the Bears, but if they have to settle for a split a win over MSU and a loss to the Shocks would be the best outcome for them.

    A poster on the UNI Panther forum has done a pretty nice analysis of the possiblities:

    Since a win over MSU gives UNI the best shot at a 2 seed, regardless of how they do against the Shocks, you would think that the Panthers will focus their preparation more on the Bears than the Shocks, which might give the Shocks a slight edge, as the Shocks will no doubt be focusing most of their prep time on UNI.

    Although a win over UNI is not necessarily critical, it would still be a Big win over a quality opponent on the road, which will only serve to strengthen our post season resume. Besides we owe the Panthers a little pay back for the defeat they handed us at home earlier in the year (our last loss). Should be a tough match between the two hottest teams in the league.

    Winning the post-season MVC Tournament is not going to be a cake-walk, so anything we can do to strengthen our resume is BIG.

    osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu:

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    We'd better expect to win at UNI. Yes, they are playing well but their 9 match streak is against Western Illinois, Southern Illinois 2X, Evansville 2X, Bradley, Illinois State (who has totally tanked at this point), Indiana State and at CU (the one really good win). As Jerry Seinfeld used to say in his stand up, ok, this ones coming a liiiiittle bit faster.

    I hope we are pissed and ready to pay back the Panthers and announce our presence with authority.

    :goshocks: osterwu: osterwsu: