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    WSU (21-4, 12-1) vs MSU (23-3, 12-1)

    Friday, November 2nd.

    $1 Admission


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    GO SHOCKS! :goshocks:



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      The Shock Clock is on and counting down. Of course, you will need to deduct 1 day since the Shock Clock is set for the Men's Basketball exhibition game vs Arkansas Tech on Saturday.

      Hopefully, the Men's exhibition game won't detract too much from attendance at the VB game on Showdown Friday, even though Mike Kennedy said in his post game comments after the Evansville match that there is no reason not to be in attendance at the VB match.

      osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu:


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        I am trying to convince the wife to let me go if I'm not working. She won't go and the kids gotta go to bed, so I'm in a hard place right now.


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          rr: Try to come. We need all the support we can get because MSU will be tough.
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          Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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            I just want to congratulate Coach Lamb and the team for showing the competitiveness and tenacity they have and are showing. Not only are they a strong 'take it to them' team, they seem to have the resolve to come back when they are down, and that is the true mark of a Champion.

            I would say you all 'earned' your own subforum, and congrats on being on the top 25.


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              Some things to think about for Friday night:

              You might want to show up early:

              1. The walk up ticket sales could be brisk and the lines long. If you can drop by the ticket office in advance and buy your tickets might save some aggravation.

              2. In addition to a big crowd for the VB game (I hope) Kapaun and Salina Central are playing a 5A football playoff game at Cessna Stadium.
              Not sure what the class schedules are like on a Friday night, but taking all this into account, then parking may comparable to a Men's Basketball game.

              3. I'm not positive but I assume the will have the Kid Zone set up in the practice gym before the match. So if you have young ones you can keep them occupied for a while. (Located behind Section 119 of the arena).

              Hope everyone can make it.

              osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu:


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       Nice story!!
                Outside hitter Kim Wadsworth is the latest volleyball player to emerge from Wichita State coach Chris Lamb's Darwinian gym.

                Wadsworth, an infrequent contributor most of the season, played in two matches last weekend and excelled in both. She is another example of the tremendous depth on the Shocker roster, depth that puts 25th-ranked WSU in a tie for first in the Missouri Valley Conference.

                "Kim kept fighting for her spot," setter Abby Harsh said. "I think that's what's really cool about our team is that we don't give up. She wanted her chance out there."

                Wadsworth, a sophomore from Andover, hit .294 in four games against Southern Illinois and .316 in two against Evansville. She totaled 17 kills in the two matches, more than half her season total of 32.

                "She took aggressive swings, great approaches," Lamb said. "She had great range. She was hitting cross-court, down the line. The whole package."

                WSU (21-4, 12-1 MVC) is tied with Missouri State (23-3, 12-1), tonight's opponent at Koch Arena, because of its depth. The Shockers possess stars such as Sara Lungren and Emily Stockman and more talented reserves than any other MVC team. Six Shockers rank in the top 25 in hitting percentage in the Valley, more than any other team.

                Some posts are not visible to me.
                Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                  It was a nice story and Kim certainly deserves some kudos for the way she has perservered and has contributed lately.

                  However, I would have preferred an article that focused more on the tonights match and its importance inj determining the MVC Championship, in maintaining a Top 25 ranking and with perhaps NCAA Tournament at-large implications.

                  In my uneducated opininion, the Shocks and Bears are about dead even talent-wise with very little if anything to chose between the two teams from a talent or coaching standpoint. This match may come down to who handles their emotions the best. Which team can bring great intensity and at the same time stay loose and play loose and free.

                  I would be :shock: if this is not just a great, intense, tight match.

                  osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu:


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                    Just caught the end of the 2nd with it being 1-1 now. Wish I could've made it, but something came up.


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                      Up 11-9 in game 5


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                        12-9 Shocks


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                          6,122 attendance per Mike Kennedy


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                            Match Over- Shocks 3 games to 2. Sole Position of 1st place


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                              A tremendous match and a great atmosphere. Congratulations to the 6,122 who took the time to make it out tonight. We are all now in the Shocker record book. Give yourself a hand. :clap:

                              I thought our gooses were cooked when we fell behind 5-8 in Game 5, but what a great run to close out the match. I give the Shocker crowd a lot of credit for helping with that comeback. Believe me coming back from a 5-8 deficit in Game 5 against a very high quality opponent with rally scoring in place is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Again, Shocker fans give yourself a hand. :clap:

                              Emily Stockman picked a bad time to have one of her poorer peformances although a lot of credit for that goes to MSU.

                              Apparently, Sara wrenched her knee in practice and was not at 100%. I really did not notice that much. Way to tough it out Sara.

                              Also Abby Harsh was great to. Sara and Abby, our 2 seniors really deserve a lot of credit for stepping up big tonight. Let's all return next Saturday to bid them farewell against Creighton on Senior Night.

                              I want to know. Did anyone feel like they did not get their $1 worth of entertainment and excitement?

                              osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu: