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  • Katie Niggemeyer

    She didn't play at all tonight and for awhile she was our most dominating player.

    I thought she was ill last week but I haven't heard anything. Any insight on her condition right now?

    Also any reason why Sara McGee didn't play?

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    While there may be something (i.e. injury), until I hear anything, I am going to assume that Angela simply has earned the playing time in the middle next to Stephanie.

    The fact is that Angela, Katie, and Sarah are all competing for the same spot in the rotation, so I don't know if one or two of them not playing says any more than the fact that Lindsey had a stretch early in the year where she wasn't getting in the rotation.

    Hopefully both are healthy and this is just a reflection of Angela matching up well against CU and earning playing time in practice.
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      I never even considered that TMH.

      Katie has been our most dominate frontline player for most of the year, if Angela has put her on the bench I would be stunned. I look forward to more info...hopefully tonight.


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        When Mike asked Lambo about the injury situation on the pre-match show the only thing Lambo said was that Stephanie's Tokarz feet were bothering her a little, but other than that they were in pretty good shape.

        I did notice that Lambo seemed to really shorten his bench last night against Creighton.

        Only 9 girls saw any action, including Amanda Moore who saw very limited action. So Lambo basically went with an 8-player rotation last night.

        Perhaps he feels it is time to settle on a set lineup for the stretch run in order to develop more consistency.

        Maybe it was that last nights match was so important in the MVC race that he just wanted to stay with the hot hands and not let Creighton have a chance to gain any momentum. Angela and Stephanie did play very well offensively last night for sure, but we didn't exactly shut down Creighton's middles.

        It will be interesting to see what happens with playing time Saturday night against Drake, although Drake is much improved and much more competitve this year.


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          Stephanie Tokarz sounds pretty tough to me
          Tokarz also is learning more about her body. She suffers from structural problems in her feet that cause shin splints. Surgery is the only cure, and that will not happen until after her volleyball career is finished. For now, she is successfully handling the pain and playing through it.

          "I'm always going to have messed up feet," she said. "I'm just dealing with it."
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