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How good is the MVC?

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  • How good is the MVC?

    We have discussed this before but let's, for a moment, compare the MVC and the SEC.

    Florida is the class of the group, without much if any discussion.

    After that who's next?

    I think you could make a case for MSU, WSU, UNI and CU all being in the mix with any other SEC team and they ALL might be better.

    ISU gave the Gators more than a run for their money. CU swept Tennessee. I'll admit the bottom of our league is weak.....but Auburn is probably a 5-9th place team in the SEC and WSU named the score against the Tigers. Auburn wouldn't win 1 game out of 20 against WSU.

    And they are FAR from the worst SEC team.

    Now I don't know how many SEC made the tournament last year but I bet is was at least 2-4.

    The MVC should be getting 2-3 teams in the dance, at least before the SEC does.

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    Doc, I suspect this is not exactly going to make your day, but the SEC had 7 teams in the NCAA Tournament last year.

    Yes, that's right I counted 7 (out of 11):

    Florida (28-2)
    Tennessee (19-11)
    Ole Miss (19-12)
    Arkansas (16-12)
    Kentucky (18-11)
    Alabama (17-12)
    LSU (26-5)

    No question that Florida and LSU belonged. Not sure about the other five.

    The Big XII which is a great VB conference had 6 teams.


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      Actually, that doesn't cause me any stress at all.

      HOWEVER, if that happens again (6 to 7 SEC teams) and the Valley gets just 1 or 2 then I would have to say a serious problem is going to manifest itself.

      And that will not make my day.


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        The MVC is 4-3 against the SEC this year.

        The four wins:

        WSU over Auburn (3-0) Neutral Site
        ILS over Alabama (3-1) In Tuscaloosa
        CU over Tennessee (3-0) Nuetral Site
        UNI over Arkansas (3-0) Neutral Site

        The three losses:

        Florida over ILS (0-3) - Although ILS was fairly competitive. The game scores were very similar to WSU's recent sweep of the Redbirds in Normal. Florida also played ILS in Normal.

        Kentucky over UNI (3-2) - A tough loss for the MVC with UNI losing to the #2 team in the SEC East (behind Florida) 17-15 in Game 5. The match was in Cedar Falls. This would have been a big win for the MVC.

        LSU over Drake (3-0) - The #2 team overall in the SEC knocking off one of the MVC's bottom feeders is not at all surprising.

        I think it is clear that the Valley's upper division would be very competitive in the SEC.

        I do have to give the SEC credit though for their willingness to play MVC teams especially on the road.


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          Earlier in the season I think I heard Lambo say that the MVC was making a concerted effort to get SEC teams on their schedules becuase this is one of the Big Name Conferences they felt confident they could have decent results against.