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Shocks vs Chicago State

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  • Shocks vs Chicago State

    I've been trying to come up with a reason to get just a little bit excited about the Shocks match with Chicago State (1-14).

    Why in the world Chicago State left the Mid-Continent conference is a mystery to me. Operating at their level as an independent doesn't seem like a good plan.

    Mid-week scheduling in VB looks to be more than a little challeging for Lambo. Although ORU (who we play in Tulsa this year) generally has a solid team. Perhaps we should try to do a home and away with ORU every year, instead of on an alternating year basis. The MVC's scheduling of matches back-to-back on Friday-Saturday probably contributes to this. I would like to see the MVC go to one mid-week match and one Saturday match, but travel economics may not let that happen. It would be nice if we could somehow work Tulsa or a Big XII school into the schedule.

    In any case, the only thing I could come up with is that we should get to see more of our second line players tonight than we normally do.

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    It's a school night so I'll probably only be there for a bit but my daughter is looking forward to the game. She does the little spikers program and the girls and staff are great.

    It will be a pounding but worth seeing, nevertheless.

    :goshocks: osterwu: osterwsu:


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      Cheer loud for me...i'll be running around on the flag football field...


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        Originally posted by dregn
        Cheer loud for me...i'll be running around on the flag football field...
        Metroplex field? Watch out!! ;-)
        Brief 2
        A male was struck by another male outside Hughes Metro Complex Soccer Field Sept. 19. According to police chief Dotson, The incident took place shortly after an intramural soccer game.

        According to Dotson, the assailant was ejected by officials, and waited outside until the match was over. The suspect then struck one of the opposing players in the back of the head after the game was over.

        One of the individuals present called the Wichita Police Department who responded to the call. WPD caught up to the victim in their car, Dotson said.

        Shortly thereafter, WSU police learned of the incident, and transported the victim to the WPD car stop. The victim was then able to identify their assailant once the WSU police and the victim arrived at the station, said Dotson.

        This information lead the arrest of the assailant by the WPD. According to Dotson, the campus police brought the victim to where the assailant was apprehended for identification.

        Once identified, the WPD made a report and booked the assailant. The victim has since decided not to press charges.
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        Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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          I stayed later than I should have but it was nice to see some of the girls play that rarely get a chance.

          Katie was dominating when she played. I thought Linsey had some good swings as well. Most, if not all, of the team played although I do not think Sara played a bit.

          Shocks win in 3 easy games and its back to the Valley this weekend.

          :goshocks: osterwu:


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            Re: Shocks vs Chicago State

            I hate it when people make fun of weak teams but hearing the Chicago State record is pretty jaw dropping. Per Kennedy its record was something like 40 - 500 with an average of two wins a year! :shock:


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              This match was ugly in more ways than one. Those who actually attended will know what I mean. Although, I have to say the Chicago State coach was a hottie. I know, I know -- look whose talking!

              The primary reason Chicago State was on our schedule was because Chris Lamb is a nice guy.

              The 30-10, 30-11 and 30-17 don't really begin to reflect the difference between the two programs.

              Despite the mismatch, it was fun to see the bench get in for more than just a token appearance. Also, Melissa Granville looked pretty good in her stint at the setter position.

              Sara Lungren did not play. Emily Stockman and Stephanie Tokarz played only in Game 1 and Abby Harsh only played Game 1 and about the first half of Game 2.

              Obviously, there is some talent on the Shockers bench, although it is a little difficult to take too much from a match against a team of the caliber of Chicago State.

              In any case, things will get much more interesting this weekend. Evansville (1-2, 8-6) brings in an experienced Senior laden roster to town and SIU (2-1, 10-4) brings some quality athletes. These are matches the Shocks must win to keep pace with their fellow MVC contenders.


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                I wish #12 had played longer as setter. The match was very ragged. We need to play better teams than Chicago State in OOC play.
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                Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                  This year, mostly we have.

                  You need a game or 2 like this so your bench players can get some real playing time.


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                    We could play a better team and still let our bench players get some court time. CSU was terrible. They only brought 10 players here and only one setter (#9, Hanya Minta).
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                    Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                      Lambo pretty much said he scheduled this match as a favor and out of sympathy for the Chicago State Coach who he knows personally.

                      I'm not sure what the plan is for Chicago State's athletic program or what the story was with them leaving the Summit (formerly Mid-Continent) Conference. Being a no-name independent in D-1 does not seem very appealing. It's even tough for Big Name schools to go the independent route this day and age. I wonder if Chicago State is in transition to a Division II program.

                      Nevertheless, I agree. I hope we could upgrade the schedule a little, although not sure who is available for mid-week matches once the conference seasons start.


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                        Not much fun to watch. However, I did notice a lot of the players both starters and reserves were smiling and laughing during the match. So I assume that the game was at least fun for the players. Probably nice to play a game without pressure every once in a while. (Makes you feel like a BCS school!).

                        As others have commented, we did the right thing for Chicago State and we did get playing time for reserves. As long as there is not more than one match a season like this on the schedule, I can live with it.
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                          IMHO, our tournament schedule was super this year. No complaints.

                          Outside of tournaments our non con schedule was UMKC and CSU at home and Oral Roberts on the road.

                          That's 1 quality opponent in ORU and 2 sacrificial lambs. I just don't have that big a problem with those numbers, however, to improve the status of the program I would agree that replacing 1 of the cupcakes with a high level national game would be great.

                          If it has to be on the road, fine. I would love to see Nebraska here (or KU OU etc) but I understand the problems.


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                            Things will get markedly tougher this weekend against Evansville and SIU. While I don't expect either of these teams to contend for the MVC Championship, they are the type of teams that can sneeak up on one of the contenders and pull and upset. Hopefully, the Shocks will not let that happen to them.

                            We need to make sure we keep pace with the MVC contenders in order to set up a BIG SHOWDOWN with Missouri State in Springfield on Friday, October 5th.

                            Looking down the road to what I am hoping will be a huge match with Missouri State on Friday, November 2nd we all need to start passing the word to family and friends to set tthat date aside. Admission is only $1. We need to get a Big, Big, Big crowd there that night. Mark your Calendars now for what should be Battle Royale.

                            Senior Night on Saturday, November 10th will also be a very important night in my view.

                            osterwu: :goshocks: osterwsu:


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                              I would love to strike up a home and home series with Tulsa in VB.

                              Also, Arkansas would be a another dandy home and home series to try and put together.

                              Not sure what the chance are, but that would be huge improvement over UMKC and Chicago State.