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Shockers vs Auburn

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  • Shockers vs Auburn

    Shockers defeat Auburn 3-0 by scores of 30-23, 30-19 and 30-23.

    Hard to tell with too much accuracy how the Shockers played, but it "sounded" like an OK but not an outstanding performance.

    A lot of my least favorite actions - service errors. Emily Stockman in particular had tough time with her jump serve with 7 service errors in the match. Hopefully, Emily will be on top of her service game tonight against Denver.

    A few mis-timed sets/attacks.

    Stephanie Tokarz had a good match. Sara Lungren had a decent match.

    I think the Shockers will have their hands full against what will not doubt be a pumped up Denver team for what will probably for the Tournament Championship.

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    BTW, during the broadcast Mike Kennedy was strongly encouraging Shocker fans to attend the home matches this year and not just wait for the rare in-state game to come out for matches. In particular, the upcoming match with UNI should be a very tough match with the MVC pre-seaason favorite where a big home crowd might just make a difference in the outcome of the match.

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      No doubt about that 1972. I wouldn't be quick to discount the win today. Auburn is a decent middle of the pack SEC team. Not great by any means but they are competitive.

      I think (barring injuries) this team is going to get better and better all year long.

      Not attending home games is just silly. The race for the Valley Championship is going to be tough and we have said many times, this is an outstanding sport to watch.