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Question - Saturday VBall crowd.

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  • Question - Saturday VBall crowd.

    Just curious - any guesses on how many of the 6,000+ at the Saturday KSU match were Purple People?

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    Re: Question - Saturday VBall crowd.

    Originally posted by BCSCat
    Just curious - any guesses on how many of the 6,000+ at the Saturday KSU match were Purple People?
    25 percent??
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      I think SpanglerFan316 is about right. 1,500 or 25%.


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        25% really?

        I'll be happy to admit to wearing gold colored glasses but I would respectfully disagree that anywhere near 25% were KSU fans. I will say that the ones that were wearing purple were typical KSU fans. Organized, loud and supportive.

        If I were to use the 6k as an official number, then I would speculate 500-750 were KSU fans. They had one section where the diehards were maybe 10-12 rows and then the rest were scattered about the arena.

        It was a great evening, KSU played well and their Russian stud was tremendous.


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          I would also disagree with 25%, judging by those wearing purple and those who stood up and claped when K-state was going for their 30th point. I would guess 400 to 500 people. I have been to several mens basketball games (pre-turgeon) where there was smaller attendance than 6,000. It was a really charged atmosphere untill the middle of the 3rd game. After Kstate pulled away the crowd had very little opportunity to get back into it.


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            There you have it. Shocker fans are in total agreement again.

            The K-State fans in attendance were between 400 and 1,500.


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              Here is my proposal to settle this difference of opinion in K-State fan attendance at last Sarturday's match.

              All Shocker fans who attended the K-State match are hereby requested to attend the match against MVC favorite Northern Iowa on Saturday, September 15th. This is very important. If we get a few hundred extra fans, that's OK.

              We can then assume the difference in attendance would be attributable to the K-State fans.

              Yeah, that's the ticket! Order your ticket now.

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                If K-State had only 700 fans there, they certainly sounded like 1,500 or more, making me upset with the low volume the other 4,500 Shocker fans made after some spectacular plays by the lady Shockers.


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                  I would guess about 750.


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                    The people in front of me were KSU fans but were pretty low key. My guess of 25% could be wrong or right. It isn't an important issue to me.

                    How does 6024 fans compare with other attendance figures for a single game this year?
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                    Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                      Haven't seen any national attendance stats for 2007 yet. However, 6,024 would have ranked at #30 in the single match attendance records.

                      Of the 29 matches with higher attendance last year, 22 were matches at the University of Hawaii.

                      So it would have been the 8th best attended match on the mainland.

                      The top match was a Creighton home match vs National Champ Nebraska in the Qwest Center in Omaha that drew 12,112. Reportedly Nebraska fans outnumbered Creighton fans about 5 to 1 that night.


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                        Only 5 to 1?
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                          I know Nebraska just had the ACVA tournament and hosted it at the Qwest Center. The only game I saw was on CSTV where they played UCLA and the announcer said "in front of 10,000" people, but most the upper deck looked pretty empty the few times they showed a large pan out.


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                            From the boxscore for the UCLA game:

                            Attend: 11076

                            Off the Tennesse website for their boxscore against NB:

                            Attend: 10158


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                              i wasn't there at the ksu game, but for the sake of argument, i'll say 813 ksu fans...give or take a few.