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WSU vs Cal Poly

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  • WSU vs Cal Poly

    Lots of random thoughts to end to a weekend that was frustrating at times. Some very good early season volleyball at the Koch this year. Fun to watch. Stockman is going to be a very nice addition. Cal Poly may of well been building a brick wall up at that net the way they block. Good comment on the post game show from Lamb that the Cal Poly coach told him that if we got our middles going he wouldn't play us again. It would be nice to develop another Jen Ray or Elizabeth Meyer by the end of this year. I think McGee has a chance to be that player.

    It's so hard to judge a team when they play against this level of talent at this stage of the year. Next weekend might be a little better but the weekend after will be just as tough. Lots of stuff to work on, but lots of potential. I don't want to have to wait three more weeks to see another game, but I guess I'll just be listening to the radio between now and then.

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    Wow I had forgotten about the trip to the islands. I knew there was a reason Mike Kennedy wanted to do Volleyball.

    Since my knowledge of the game is very limited it is exceptionally hard for me to place a level of success on this weekend. At times WSU looked like they were as good as the competition. Other times they folded the proverbial tent. One of the problems last year, imo, was that the ladies just weren't as tough as their competition down the stretch. That seemed to manifest itself again this weekend.

    Again, from someone that has little if any knowledge of the game, it would seem to me that we need to develope (immediately) a backup/replacement for Abby and Sara McGee. Abby is going to wear down as the season drags on and we need her fresh. Sara has the tools to change games.

    The other pieces are there for a lot of success. Emily is very good and only in her second year. I still look for a lot of success this year. Hopefully these early setbacks won't deflate the ladies.

    It would seem that we can count on 2k for almost every game. I cannot imagine anyone that saw Saturday's game saying they did not enjoy the sport. It was a fun time.

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      dregn, I'm just now getting home, but I swear to you as we were driving home I told my wife, that little did we know how much we were going to miss Jen Ray and Elizabeth Meyers.

      Cal Poly is a very interesting team. They sure don't put a scare into you when they walk on the court, but boy can they play and they are very well coached. They really focused on taking that backset on the right side to Sara away. Also, I thought a number of Abby's sets lead Sara right into the blocks. Maybe, it is that Cal Poly was simply determined to take that away from us.

      At this point we just aren't quite ready for the K-States and Cal Poly's of the world. On the other hand, we were pretty competitive and it's not like we were blown out of the gym.

      Normally, when the Shocks hold an opponet to a 0.159 hitting % they are pretty successful. However, the Shocks only managed a 0.021 hitting % today. Tremendous defense and ball control by Cal Poly.

      Angela Jakubov hasn't really gotten much going so far. Also Katie Niggemeyer and Sara McGee look like they have decent athleticism. Those three would seem to me to be good candidates to develop in the middle. Time will tell.

      Today apparently was a day for the solid core of Shocker die-hard fans. 1,591 was a little disappointing to me considering the quality of the opponent. Not sure if the 2:00 p.m. game time was a factor or not.

      9,762 for the first 3 matches gets the Shocks off to a nice start with average attendance of 3,254 per match. Obviously we won't be able to maintain that, but we have a shot at topping last year's average.

      I'm glad Mike Kennedy has discovered Shocker VB so that our long wait until the next home match will be easier to handle.

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        BTW, if anyone out there attended their first WSU Volleyball match this weekend please post your imrpessions - good, bad or indifferent.

        Just curious!