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  • VB revenue
    This is an interesting thread about the net profit (or loss) for volleyball. I wonder how WSU VB did in 2007. Anybody have any information?
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    I can't imagine that the VB team was in the black, even with the good attendance figures. Their trip to HI would have cost quite a bit. Travel expenses wouldn't be too terribly bad with bus travel (I think that's how they travel), but would still get expensive. Tuitition for out-of-state students isn't cheap either.

    It would be interesting to see the numbers though, just to get an idea of what it costs.


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      Shocks total attendance in 2007 was 35,698. Probably generated somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 in revenue (that would be an average of $4.20 per head).

      Match Club members, which I am one but which I have no idea how many total members there are, probably contributed another $20,000 - $25,000. Just a very wild guess. 100 members @ $250. I think these funds made the Hawaii trip possible.

      I'm not sure how much the Coaching staffs are paid, but I suspect their salaries and benefits would eat up most of the ticket revenue generated, leaving the 12 scholarships, domestic travel, uniforms, supplies, etc. as a shortfall.

      Again, I could easily be way off (either way) as I am just guessing at everything.