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Shocker SB at #4/7 Oklahoma State

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    Originally posted by WuDrWu View Post
    I'm going to take the unpopular stance of "you don't keep your best player on the bench". You bring in Chloe. And I totally get the argument the other way.
    I would love to hear the rationale for the decision. Will this be a Coach's Show topic? Be declared off-limits?

    Your "best player" for this game was in the circle cruising. Third time through the tough part of the lineup (3-4 up next)? Developing a blister? Only 68 pitches, so Alex is not on fumes. Only one strikeout in 5.1, so she is keeping the batters off balance for the outs, or else we are catching line shot after line shot. Yep, love to hear the rationale.