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Post-Collegiate Adventures of Syd The Kid

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  • Post-Collegiate Adventures of Syd The Kid

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      Not the best overall night for Syd at the plate. 1 for 5 with 2 strike outs. I'm sure there were a bunch of nerves. One of her strike outs had her looking at two very hittable pitches which isn't like her.

      Getting her first hit and being solid in the field (she's playing 2nd for them) is a good first pro game though.


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        Double header today. So far Syd has gotten on base 6 of 7 at bats (3 hits, 3 walks). They do this weird leaderboard thing which apparently drives team captains in the future matchups. Syd is sitting in 9th out of 42 players for this season. Not bad for a rookie.


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            Originally posted by Stickboy46 View Post
            They do this weird leaderboard thing which apparently drives team captains in the future matchups. Syd is sitting in 9th out of 42 players for this season. Not bad for a rookie.

            AU does the same thing in volleyball. I don't know how they score the points in softball, but I bet it's as elaborate of a calculation as volleyball. I think the points are tied to the amount of money given to the player's chosen charity as well as how future captains are chosen. It's their way to individualize a team sport and make it more of player verses player competition instead of a team verses team competition because the players are all drafted again after each round. It's possible for a team (orange, yellow, or blue) to have an entirely different roster the next round, so deciding who won, for lack of a better term, the tournament/season isn't based on a team. Team yellow could go undefeated, yet every player could have played on team yellow at some time during the tournament/season.


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                Athetes Unlimited Softball Points System:

                Win Points

                Win points are all about the team performance. They accumulate during both individual innings and overall game wins. Each inning is worth +10 points and overall games are worth +50 points.

                If an inning is tied, the points roll over to the subsequent inning.

                Game MVPs

                After each game, the players and members of The Unlimited Club will vote for three players who they feel had standout performances.

                These points will be added to the player’s individual total. Points will be awarded as follows:

                MVP 1: +60 points
                MVP 2: +40 points
                MVP 3: +20 points

                Individual Stats

                The final component of points is individual stats. Position players and pitchers will earn points based on their performance.

                Offensive Points

                The breakdown for individual points is as follows:
                • Single: +10 points
                • Double: +20 points
                • Triple: +30 points
                • Home run: +40 points
                • Stolen base: +10 points
                • Caught Stealing: -10 points
                • Base on balls: +8 points
                • HBP: +8 points
                • Sacrifice Fly/Bunt: +10

                If a batter goes 3-for-5 with two singles and a home run, but is caught stealing, they will be awarded 50 points.

                10 (S) + 10 (S) + 40 (HR) – 10 (CS) = 50 points

                Pitching Points

                Pitchers earn +4 points for every out and -10 points for each earned run allowed.

                For example, if a pitcher throws 5 2/3 innings and allows one earned run, they would earn 58 points.

                (17 x 4) – (1 ER x 10) = 58 points

                A player’s points determine their ranking, which will be used each week for the draft.

                What about extra innings?

                In extra innings, no player earns individual points and there are no additional win points to be earned per inning – only those that have rolled over.

                For example, if all seven innings were tied and the game took nine innings to decide a winner, only 70 points, plus win points, would be awarded.


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                  Athletes Unlimited Weeky Draft

                  After the last game of every week, the top four point scorers will be named team captains. Each captain will be assigned to a team color based on their standing.
                  No. 1: Gold
                  No. 2: Orange
                  No. 3: Blue
                  No. 4: Purple

                  Team captains can consult with anyone they want prior to the opening of the draft, including any Athletes Unlimited staff, former coaches, and teammates.

                  Each week during the draft every captain will be allowed up to two minutes per pick. Once a player is selected their captain may consult them for further decisions. Once all 60 players have been selected to a team, it will be time to prepare for the upcoming slate of games and get ready to play ball.

                  Then, an exciting new week of competition will begin.


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                    AUX Softball Leaderboard:

                    Looks like Syd is currenty in 7th place.


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                      Sounds interesting. How much do they get paid, and who?


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                        McKinney Nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year


                        Three-time All-American Sydney McKinney can add another nomination to her resume, as she has been named one of 264 nominees for the prestigious 2023 NCAA Woman of the Year.

                        A record-breaking 619 female student-athletes were nominated by NCAA member schools - across all Divisions (I, II, III) for consideration of the 2023 Woman of the Year award.

                        This year's nominees represent a diverse set of well-rounded student-athletes, with 24 different sports across all three NCAA divisions.

                        The Woman of the Year Selection Committee, made up of representatives from the NCAA membership, will choose the Top 30 honorees — 10 from each division — from the conference-level nominees. The Top 30 honorees will be announced in October. The selection committee will then determine the top three honorees in each division from the Top 30, and the nine finalists will be announced in November.

                        From those nine finalists, the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics will choose the 2023 NCAA Woman of the Year. The honorees will be celebrated at the Woman of the Year Award Ceremony at the NCAA Convention in Phoenix in January.


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                          Infinity Art Glass - Fantastic local artist and Shocker fan
                          RIP Guy Always A Shocker
                          Carpenter Place - A blessing to many young girls/women
                          ICT S.O.S - Great local cause fighting against human trafficking
                          Wartick Insurance Agency - Saved me money with more coverage.
                          Save Shocker Sports - A rallying cry


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                            Originally posted by SubGod22 View Post
                            Happy for her ... Sad she won't be involved with the WSU program this year. Great opportunity right away though


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