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    Originally posted by shoxlax View Post

    Same with softball.
    Probably moreso with softball.


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      Originally posted by shoxlax View Post

      Same with softball.
      And soccer, and baseball, and arguably basketball…pretty much anything except football and the minor sports.


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        When I first posted the link to the 2024 VB recruiting class on January 5th it did not include any Lambo comments for the recruits. It looks like those have now been added:

        Lamb Announces Incoming Class

        Note that it appears Lambo recruited Simone Grieser as a setter and not as an outside hitter. That will give the Shocks 3 setters next year although if Izzi stays healthy I am not sure either Sarah or Simone will play next season. If one of them does play that probably would be Sarah as it sound like Simone played as much or more as an outside hitter as she did at the setter position.

        I expect that Alyssa Gonzalez will get an opportunity to contribute next year. Perhaps the signing of Alyssa was the catalyst for Ba to make her move.

        Gracie Morrow, Ava Anderson and Nadia Wasilewski will most like end up redshirting. Gracie probably has the best chance of earning some PT.

        With the depth the Shocks have at L/DS it is almost certain that the two L/DS recruits, Grace and Olivia, will reshirt.
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          Meet Alyssa Gonzalez:


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            Check out Danielle's recruiting profile and video on SportsRecruits. Grad: 2025. Sport: Volleyball. Club: Rockwood Thunder Volleyball. Committed: Wichita State University. Hometown: O'Fallon, MO


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              From Danielle Moore's club team site, I also see a Jenna Cubbage committed to WSU.

              Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Club is a premier select volleyball club in St. Louis focused on developing and enhancing the lives of athletes and their families on and off the court.


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                I am wondering if these 2 Class of 2025 recurits are the good news that Katie Zimmerman tweeted about on Friday:

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                  Originally posted by RoyalShock View Post

                  I remember her father well… he was a solid player and in the MSU HOF.

                  Danny Moore, Class: 1999 Induction: 2011 Sport(s): Men's Basketball - DANNY MOORE Basketball, 1996-99 Inducted 2011 Danny Moore transferred to Missouri State
                  "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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                    No doubt her dad was a problem in the Valley for years. Remember him all too well.


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                      Signing a recruit whose 6-11 Dad, Danny Moore, is a Missouri State Hall of Famer who had his jersey retired this past November does seem like somehwat of a recruiting coup assuming Danielle is a high quality recruit and form what little I have had time to research that seems to be the case. She is a 6-2. RS/Opposite and she is lefthanded. Seems like we had a pretty good 6-3 lefthanded RS/Opposite who finished up her career this past season.

                      As junior Danielle, who is from O'Fallon, Missouri on the far NW side of the St. Louis metro area, was a Missouri Class 5A All-State selection (largest class in Missouri) and on the AVCA Phenon List. So Danielle would appear to be a much more heralded player coming out of high school than Sophia was coming out of high school.

                      I wonder if she might have headed to Missouri State if Melissa Stokes was still running the MSU volleyball program.

                      Danielle's Rockwood Thunder Club volleyball teammate Jenna Cubbage, a 6-0 OH/MB, is from Wildwood, MO, a far west side suburb of St. Louis was also a Missouri Class 5A All-State selection as a junior.

                      The tale of the tape for Danielle and Jenna per the Rockwood Thunder website is as follows:

                      Danielle: Height 6'2"; Reach 92"; Block Touch 8'11"; Approach Touch 9'6"
                      Jenna: Heigth 6'0"; Reach 91"; Block Touch 9'0" ; Approach Touch 9'8"

                      The stats would imply Jenna is just a bit more explosive off the floor than Danielle.

                      Highlight videos are available on their respective Sports Recruits web pages:
                      Danielle Sports Recruit Page:
                      Jenna Sports Recurit Page:
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