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Lambo Stuff - 2021 Winter

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  • Lambo Stuff - 2021 Winter

    Listened to Lambo's radio show tonight.

    He is very happy with the teams defense and thinks that they are tough to score against.

    Brylee Kelly may be a half of year ahead of Mikaela Raudsepp and Lambo thinks very highly of Mikaela.

    They did not think Nicole Anderson had great physical talent but she could be a Swiss Army Knife glue type player. Noticing her really starting to make more connections with her teammates. She is very mature. Thinks she will be good to go this weekend vs SMU.

    Mariah Buss hits the ball better and more aggressively in practice than she does in matches but she made a step forward in her match play against Tulsa. Also very pleased with how the freshman stepped, Mariah, Natalie, Lauren and Morgan. Natalie has a great arm and makes great hand contact. Not as mobile as she needs to be but the strength and conditioning work will help with that. A 6-4 player with a decent jumper and a great arm. Will she become mobile enough to be good blocker. He was actaully a bit more impressed in the Tulsa game with her defensive play. He said the way he goes about practice and training fits how Lauren's mom told Lambo she learns when he was recruiting her. He thinks his approach fits her very well. She comes from a very good club team, unlike many past Shocker middles, but was usually 2nd team but she was practicing with very high level talent and you can tell. Lambo said we have not seen his most talented middle who he says is Morgan Stout who is injured.

    McKayla Wuensch will not be coming back next year but he is very happy with Kayce's progress and also what he is seeing in practice from Hailey Plugge. He said he shouldn't have to bring in a setter for a few years.

    Talked about Sina. She needs to become more disciplined and sometimes she comes forward to aggresively but that she has really embraced the challenge of learning the libero position.

    Lambo said he thinks they are 21-4 in sets and at least a couple of those sets were 2 point losses. Actually there set losses have been by 2, 2, 3 and 4 points. So he is very please with the team so far. Feeing really good that the young Shockers are playiing hard and playing clean volleyball. Thought the two wins at Tulsa were good wins. AHC Sean Carter thinks Tulsa willl at least one upset this year.

    Lambo was sad that he lost the K-State games due to the SMU reschedule. He thinks he may be able to get one of the rescheduled and he will do both if they can work it out.

    SMU is the preseason favorite in the AAC-West. SMU will always be in the top 3 in the AAC in talent based on being in Dallas in the midlle of a ton of volleyball talent and full scholarships to a private university is attractive to recruits. They have two All-Conference players in their lineup including last year's Setter of the years while the Shocks have none. SMU dominated the Shocks in the first match last year but the Shocks were more competitive in the 2nd match. Lambo says the Shockers are much more organized on both offense and defense this year and are a lot more complete team. He thinks the Shocks will ge tougher to beat this year and have more competitive maturity despite having a relatively young team. This will be a big challenge for the Shocks.

    Taking notes on a Lambo show is a challenge. He just provides so many interesting and informative statements especially when he has close to an hour to fill and fill it he can. Plus I am not the greatest stenographer in the world.
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