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Shockers Set to Open Conference Play

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  • Shockers Set to Open Conference Play

    Shockers Set to Open Conference Play

    The Shocks who are struggling to find their way after a very difficult non-conference schedule open up AAC play at Tulsa on Friday at 7:00 pm and at home against Cincinnati on Sunday at 1:00 pm as the Shocks are looking to perhaps reset their season. The have a chance against Tulsa. Not so much against Cincinnati.

    Sunday's matinee contest vs. Cincinnati is Shocker Family Day. Fans can get four tickets, four hot dogs, four bags of popcorn and four drinks for just $32.

    About Tulsa
    The University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane enter the week at 7-6 overall after going 1-2 in the Western Kentucky Volleyball Invitational Sept. 20-21 in Bowling Green, Ky...Through 13 matches, Tulsa is paced by freshman outside hitter Dilara Gedikoglu (188 kills, 3.84 kills/set, 12 aces, 123 digs, 2.51 digs/set), senior setter Mariah Pardo (220 assists, 4.49 assists/set, eight aces, 75 digs, 1.53 digs/set), senior libero/DS Taylor Horsfall (246 digs, 5.02 digs/set, 16 aces) and junior middle blocker Callie Cook (102 kills, 2.08 kills/set, seven block solos, 47 block assists, 1.10 blocks/set)...Hosrfall was named to The American Preseason All-Conference Team...The Golden Hurricane were picked to finish fourth in The American preseason poll...Tulsa is under the direction of sixth season head coach Ryan Wills.

    The only common opponent in the preseason was North Texas. Tulsa lost at NorthTexas 1-3 and the Shocks beat North Texas 3-1 at the Cal Poly Tournament. Tulsa's non-con schedule has been no where near as difficult as the Shocks' non-con schedule.

    About Cincinnati
    The University of Cincinnati Bearcats enter the week at 8-4 overall and are receiving votes in the latest AVCA poll...The Bearcats are coming off a five-set loss to No. 25 Louisville Sept. 22 in Cincinnati, Ohio...Cincinnati is scheduled to host ECU for its conference opener Friday night before facing the Shockers Sunday...Through 12 matches, the Bearcats are led by American Athletic Conference Preseason Player of the Year, redshirt senior outside hitter Jordan Thompson (284 kills, 5.87 kills/set, 18 aces, 122 digs, two block solos, 17 block assists), sophomore setter Armania Heckenmueller (490 assists, 10.89 assists/set, 11 aces, 71 digs) and redshirt sophomore middle blocker Damjana Cabarkapa (62 kills, 11 aces, four block solos, 23 block assists)...Thompson currently leads the country in kills and kills per set, and ranks second in attacks per set (13.11)...Cincinnati was picked to finish second in The American preseason poll...The Bearcats are under the leadership of eighth season head coach Molly Alvey.

    All your really need to know about Cincinnati is Jordan Thompson. The Bearcats beat the Shocks in 5 sets at Koch Arena last year with Thompson torching the Shocks for 44 kills (44-8-89 = 0.404). The Bearcats swept the Shocks in Cincinnati with Thompson registering 24 kills (24-2-36 = 0.611).

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    Lambo and assistant coach Sean Carter both predicted the Shocks would be 4-8 in the non-con. So he isn't all that disappointed in being 3-9.

    Had two of the better back-to-back practices this week.

    Kara Bown has responded to her benching vs VCU very well and has now separated herself a bit at the libero position.

    Not too much else of note in the pre-match interview.


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      at Tulsa

      Pre-match comments

      Are 2-3 in the five matches where the coaches thought the Shocks had a realistic chance to win. Maybe one win less than expected overall.

      Best two back-to-back practices of the year the past two days after simplifying some things (hitter routes).

      Talked about some of the Tulsa players.

      Kara louder and more energetic than earlier but still not a great separation among the possibilities.

      Oops - big overlap! At least we are close.

      Set One

      Brylee, Nicole, Sina, McKayla, Megan, Brooke, and Kara are the starters.

      Damadj back on the active list.


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        Looks like it is Brylee, Nicole, Sina, Megan Brooke, Kara and Makayla.

        Dmadj is on the active roster tonight. Not sure if she will play but we'll see.

        Megan's right thigh is heavily taped.


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          Kora and Damadj rotate in at 3-5.

          Arianna subs in right after that.

          Brooke and Damadj are the middles. No Emma or Chinelo.

          0-3, then ties at 7, 8, and 9. 10-13 for another three-point lead for Tulsa.

          11-15 is the first four-point lead. Shocker TO at 12-17.
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            Dmadj has a a couple of nice swings. That's good to see. The Shocks continue to play musical chairs at the setter position.


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              14-19 moves to 17-19 on a kill by Megan, service ace by Sina, and a setting error. TO by Tulsa.

              21-21 after kills by Brylee, Nicole, and Nicole.

              Service error by Kora and lift by Kora. 21-23 and another Shocker TO.

              Kill off a Shocker overpass and an attack error by the Shocks. First set to Tulsa, 25-21.

              .174 v .200.

              Four kills by Megan and three by Damadj.
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                Shockers beating themselves with errors after making a nice comeback to tie it up at 21-all. The Shocks can win this match if they quit shooting themselves in the foot.
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                  Set Two

                  Arianna, Brylee, Kora, Sina, Damadj, Megan and Kara are the starters.

                  Emma rotates in, not Brooke. McKayla is the second setter.

                  Nicole rotates in next.

                  6-6, then 6-9, then 11-9 on a five-point Shocker run.

                  15-11 including a couple of blocks and Tulsa takes a TO.

                  The five-point run ends at 17-11.
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                    Dmadj making her presence felt in a big way.


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                      18-16 but no Shocker TO. Megan gets two kills.

                      Then 20-18 before another kill by Megan.

                      21-20 and a Shocker TO.

                      22-20 on a kill by Emma and a TO by Tulsa. Tulsa trying to come back after trailing 17-11.

                      Damadj/Nicole block, 23-20.

                      Damadj tips on two, 24-21.

                      25-12. Sets even at one apiece. Mike says kill by Brylee; LS says Arianna. I think Mike can tell the difference.

                      .229 v .095 for the set.

                      .198 v .146 after two sets.

                      Megan with nine kills and Damadj with six. Hope Megan does not tire as in recent matches.

                      Mike has disappeared. We knew this could not hold together for the entire match. Reload and you get the last ten or so seconds before the audio disappears.

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                        Shocks hang on for the badly needed win in Set 2. Thank you Dmadj.

                        Mike's improving. He got 2 sets in tonight.
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                          Set Three

                          Brylee, Kora, Arianna, Sina, Damadj, Megan, Kara.

                          2-2 and Emma and McKayla rotate in.

                          3-4 and Nicole rotates in.

                          Mike is back after a technical glitch he says.

                          3-8 and a Shocker TO.

                          A solo block by Damadj. 6-9.

                          9-16 after a five-point run by Tulsa. Shocker TO.

                          Kill by Sina to end the run at six. 10-17.

                          13-17 after a four-point run by the Shocks. TO by Tulsa.

                          Shocks get to 18-20 and then trade three-point runs. Tulsa TO at 21-23.

                          21-24 and then three Shocker blocks to tie at 24.

                          Tulsa takes the set, 26-24, and leads the match, 2-1.

                          For the set, .195 v .200.

                          .197 v .164 for the match.

                          Kills: Megan-11, Damadj-7, Emma and Sina-6.
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                            Poor passing was a significnat contributor to the 9-17 deficit but the Shocks made a really nice comeback.


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                              Set Four

                              Emma, Arianna, Sina, McKayla, Damadj, Megan, and Kara.

                              2-2 and Kora and Sophia! rotate in.

                              5-5 and a four-point run by the Shocks (Emma kill, two aces by McKayla, Emma again) before Tulsa scores. 9-6.

                              Tulsa gets within one but takes a TO at 14-11 Shocks.

                              Five point lead for the Shockers at 17-12. Again at 19-14 and a Tulsa TO.

                              LS is dead. :(

                              Shocks take the fourth set, 25-17. On to the fifth set.
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