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Shocks Head to Nebraska

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  • Shocks Head to Nebraska

    After a less than impressive weekend at home. albeit against very, very good competition, the Shocks head to Nebraska where things won't get any easier for them.

    On Thursday the Shocks head to Omaha to take on #15 Creighton at 6:30 pm. Creighton is 5-3 on the year with wins over #16 Kentucky (3-1), a good UNI team (3-2), #20 Southern Cal (3-1), Nebraska-Omaha (3-0) and Drake (3-1). Losses are to now #1 Nebraska (1-3), #5 Baylor (0-3) and #10 Washington (1-3).

    The Shocks stay in Omaha for a 2:00 pm Friday match with Wyoming. Wyoming is 4-5 with wins over Long Island (3-0), Buffalo (3-0), College of Charleston (3-0) and Northern Colorado (3-2) and with losses to Colorado (0-3), Santa Barbara (2-3), Iowa (1-3), South Dakota (1-3) and UC Davis (2-3).

    The Shocks then head down the road 60 miles to Lincoln to take on the now #1 ranked Nebraska Corhuskers at 3:00 pm on Saturday. The Huskers are now 7-0 and after edging ahead of Stanford into the #1 national ranking they take on the Cardinal on Wednesday night in Lincoln. After beating #4 Penn State 3-1 this past Friday in State College the Cardinal fell to #7 Minnesota on Saturday also in State College allowing Nebraska to edge past them into the #1 ranking.

    No doubt Lambo has put toghether a monster schedule. Unfortunatley, this year's Shockers are in above their heads against this schedule.

    Hopefully, they can play better this weekend than last and perhaps get a win over Wyoming to help their psyches heading into AAC play next week.

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    Wichita State volleyball coach Chris Lamb holds onto the match against Cal Poly as proof of what his team is capable of producing.

    So, when he is asked to assess his inexperienced team on a curve after Saturday's loss to No. 3 Texas and Friday's loss to VCU, he declines. He's seen the potential and thinks he should get that level of play and effort more often.

    "Coaches are desperately seeking consistency in the lineup. We've been all over the map with being hot and not being hot." Complicating Lamb's job is that his lineup is unstable at setter and libero, which makes building around those two spots difficult.

    After only getting 6 kills against 8 attack errors in the 1st 2 sets against Texas the Shocks started in a 5-1 in Set 3 with freshman Kayce Litzau handling the setting duites. Kayce had 9 of the assists on the Shockers 10 kills in Set 3 against 6 attacks. Not great but much better than the 1st two sets.

    Lambo commented in his post-match interview that they may have to look closer at using a 5-1 although I don't think he feels his team is best equipped overall for that approach but what do they have to lose. Whether or not he will use Kayce as the primary setter in a 5-1 alignment I don't know. Maybe, he will still rotate through his setter to see who handles it best and, if he does go that route, who should be given the reigns, at least initially.

    It will be interesting to see if he says more about that on his radio show tonight.
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      Shocker Match Notes and Media Links


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        #2 Stanford at #1 Nebraska
        21, (22), 17, 16


        • 1972Shocker
          1972Shocker commented
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          On his radio show Lambo was kind of questioning whether Nebraska was really deserved to be ranked #1. Although they are still very, very good. Unfortunately, the Shocks will now get them in perhaps a bit of a bad moon.

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        And speaking of which,

        #3 Texas at RV31 Rice
        22, 18, (13), (14), 13

        Rice are outscored by 11 points, yet win the match.
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        • WstateU
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          Wow, good for Tabitha Brown and the Rice Owls...

        • WuDrWu
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          I realize I haven't seen Rice in person, but sheesh, how in the world does that even happen? UT has 4 girls that are more than capable of hitting straight down (virtually unblockable hitting) and a best in the world type 6 rotation stud and spectacular back row play. I just cannot see that happening.

        • flyingMoose
          flyingMoose commented
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          Yes, but Rice will have a block that the Shocks don't have. Rice will dig some balls that the Shocks don't dig. Rice will get some spikes to the floor that the Shocks don't. A surprise, but not an outrageous result. Pablo had Rice with about a slightly better than 1 in 3 chance to win.

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        at Nebraska

        Pre-match comments

        None. The audio link is not functioning, claiming video is not available. Maybe it will be fixed before the match is far along.

        Somebody somewhere needs to be fired. Contract payments need to be suspended, refunding of fees requested. This has gone on far too long.

        The Husker audio link

        Set One

        Brylee, Kayce, Emma, Nicole, Chinelo, Megan, Kara are the starters - all of this from the audio.

        From LiveStats we have Sina and Sophia ... and Brooke which we know is not happening.

        Three early attack errors by the Huskers.

        Kora rotates in so the Shocks are in a 6-2 this set.

        Brooke is on the court for the first time this year - so says audio.

        Sina's third kill brings a tie at 6-6.

        Kill by Megan and two more attack errors by Nebraska. 9-6 and a Husker TO.

        12-9 but a service error and two Husker blocks lead to a Shocker TO. 12-12.

        Still no Shocker audio.
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          Four-point run by Nebraska. 14-18 and another Shocker TO.

          Another comment that Brooke has taken off her redshirt.

          The run is six before Brooke gets a kill (LiveStats). 15-20.

          Nebraska takes the first set, 25-17, after trailing 12-9.

          .056 v .150

          Four kills by Sina and three for Brylee.
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            Set Two

            6-2 again with Kayce and Kora.

            Audio commentator says the Shocker passing has fallen off since their good start in the first set.

            Not a great start - 5-13 eventually before the Shocker TO.

            Nicole replaces Sophia.

            8-21 and the last Shocker TO.

            Nebraska, 25-10.

            -.091 v .346 for the set.

            Sina with seven kills for the match and four for Brylee.
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              Set Three

              0-2, 1-2, 1-8, Nicole subs for Sina after a couple of attack errors, 2-8 on a block by Emma/Brylee.

              Nicole service smacks Coach Cook of Nebraska. McKayla on to serve and then set.

              7-15 and the Media TO.

              [BYU leads Stanford 2-1 and 24-20 in the fourth. The Cougars finally win the fourth (after a set-saving challenge) 31-29. This match is at Stanford.]

              Three late kills by Megan, but Nebraska takes the set 25-15 and the match 3-0.

              .038 v .423 for the set.

              .000 v .283 for the match.

              Sina has seven kills and Megan has four.
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                Mike never "appeared."

                Have to wait for the Show on Monday.


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                  Went about as I was anticipating with one big surprise and, no, the surprise was not that Mike Kennedy was a no show. Seeing that Brooke Smith played in this match was the surprise for me. When Lambo talked about his in one of his pre-game chalk talks during the Shocker Volleyball Classic he seemed pretty adamant that he was going to give Brooke the redshirt year she has been wanting. I don't know if this indicates perhaps an injury issue with Emma or Chinelo or is bad news regarding Dmadj's ankle or is a sign of desperation. I would anticipate Lambo will talk about this on his radio show Monday.

                  While it has clearly been a really challenging non-con schedule I can't really say that the Shocks have shown me anything that gives me confidence that they will do well enough in the AAC ot make the AAC post-season tournament. We just seem to be sub-par in just about all facets of the game with maybe the exception or our blocking and Emma Wright, who is by far our best blocker, only played in 1 set today against Nebraska. If Emma had started and only playted in Set 1 today I would guess she is injured but Emma played only in Set 3 today.

                  What is more important than my confidence though is what is the confidence level of the Shocker players after this meat grinder of a scheulde to this point.

                  The Ladies need a good outing at Tulsa next Friday to perhaps regain a little bit of a good feeling about themselves as a volleyball team.
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                    Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
                    I can't really say that the Shocks have shown me anything that gives me confidence that they will do well enough in the AAC to make the AAC post-season tournament.
                    Pablo numbers will be up Monday and with those an implied conference record can be determined. We shall see. It will at least be an informed guess.


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                      Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
                      Set Three

                      Nicole service smacks Coach Cook of Nebraska.
                      From a VT thread,

                      Is Coach Cook in concussion protocol after being hit on the sideline? Lauren Cook got a pretty good laugh out of it. Coach Cook notebook, papers, pens went flying. He must have been looking at the crowd