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  • Emily Stockman

    Some of you may remember the talented OH that transferred from Winthrop in 2007 and played, starred, 3 seasons at WSU.

    An All American, Emily was elected to the Shocker HOF in 2016.

    Emily has been chasing her dream of Olympic gold since then on the sand volleyball circuit. She's had some ups and downs and teammate changes, but she's in a good position now to make the USA team next season.

    She and her partner are the 3rd ranked team in the USA and 13th in the world currently.

    One of the many things I love about being associated with Shocker Athletics is getting the chance to know some of these kids and their families from time to time. I just got off the phone with Emily's mom who called just to give me an update on Emily's progress. Pretty cool to me at least that someone takes the time to call some knucklehead fan from almost 10 years ago to give an update.

    I know she's worked through some tough times with injuries and things and it warms my heart to know she's getting the opportunity to achieve her dream.

    Great kid, great family and I wish her the very best luck! If you are interested, please follow her on Instagram @Estock2. One, she'll love it, and two the more followers she has helps her sponsorship, so if you have family members (younger) spread the word, I know Emily will love seeing a spike from ShockerNation.

    Go get 'em Emily!

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    Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."


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      She is freaking shredded. Takes a significant commitment to get in that kind of shape. Wish her luck.
      Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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        And we don't have this sport here why again?

        “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'
        Isaac Asimov


        • 1972Shocker
          1972Shocker commented
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          Probably for the same reason we don't have soccer, swimming and diving, lacrosse, rowing, gymnastics, etc. Basically we have the women's sports we need to satisfy Title IX and it's all men's basketball can do now to meet the financial burden of the sports we have in place.

          That said I don't think Lambo would be opposed at all to adding the sport but with only 55 D-1 programs largely concentrated in California and the Southeastern part of the country and only Tulane in the AAC having a porgram the sport may need to grow quite a bit more before being added at WSU.

          Personally, I think there are other priorities that could be addressed before adding Beach Volleyball and I suspect on the list of the athletic departments priorities it is probably quite a ways down the list if it is even on the list.

        • Wuzee
          Wuzee commented
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          You're probably right on the finances. In a perfect world though, we would move now and get a program established before all the other teams come in.

          While the number of programs is low, there are players available, because indoor players can switch sports after graduation ( and get some beach in for a few semesters while pursuing a masters. Plus, players can technically play for both indoor and beach teams if they have that ability.

          There are nine DI teams within a 550-mile radius that have beach programs, including Missouri State and Nebraska, and all but one of the nine (TCU) is an independent. You could have an nine-team league of:

          Abilene Christian
          Central Arkansas
          Houston Baptist
          Missouri State
          New Mexico
          Wichita State

          Just a thought. I've heard Lambo would not just be open to the idea, he would welcome it, so a beach may have some value in recruiting for the indoor program.

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        Wichita State Volleyball‏ @GoShockersVB
        Wichita State alum and All-American @estock2, and her teammate Kelley Larsen took at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Warsaw stop June 16th! #watchus

        10:28 AM - 18 Jun 2019


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          Really happy for Emily. She has every chance to make the Olympics and that's been her goal since she left school.

          It would appear she's been working out on occasion.


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            Originally posted by WuDrWu View Post
            Really happy for Emily. She has every chance to make the Olympics and that's been her goal since she left school.

            It would appear she's been working out on occasion.
            Emily looks incredibly fit; oh to be young and in shape again!


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              The World FIVB Beach Championships have begun in Hamburg for 2019.

              You can catch some live on the Olympic channel. Emily is ranked 38th in the world and is in pool J where they lost their opening match to the #32 ranked German duo of Ludwig/Kozuch 19-21 15-21. You hate to say it's over before it really starts, but that's the match they needed to win to advance out of pool play it seems. Tomorrow is a Nigerian team they should handle fairly easily, but then it's the Brazil #3 team of Maria Antonelli and Carol, the #10 team in the world, on Tuesday. They will need to win both matches then hope to advance on a tie break.

              Good luck Emily!


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                Originally posted by Shocker1976 View Post

                Emily looks incredibly fit; oh to be young and in shape again!
                Incredibly fit does not encapsulate it. You would call that jacked.




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                  Emily and Kelley Larsen did defeat the Nigerian team today 21-6, 21-13. And they might just get a little help from the German team who is giving the favored Brazlians all they want early in their match. If the Germans win, then all Emily and Kelley have to do is beat the #10 team in the world to advance. (ALL they have to do).


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                    Well I was wrong about what they needed to do to advance. Brazil beat the Germans, BUT the big news is that Emily and Kelley defeated Maria Antonelli and Carol in 3 sets today 24-22, 14-21, 15-9! Fantastic win and they do in fact advance to bracket play.

                    They'll get the #1 Dutch team of Sanne Keizer and Madelein Meppelink who are essentially tied with the Brazilian team they just beat around 10th in the world.

                    Way to go Emily!


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