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An Early Look At Next Season & Quite a Few New Faces

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    RH: Podcast with Volleyball Assistant Coach Sean Carter

    Listen to Podcast

    (About 31 minutes)

    Practice starts with 2-a-days on Thursday.


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      Article from the Friday Eagle


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        A lot of questions to be answered and a lot of teaching and learning. The main thing I am looking for this season is steady improvement throughout the season. If the Shocks finish at above 0.500 it will be a good sign that they are on their way back.

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      Volleyball season tickets were mailed out this morning.


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        So many new faces this year.

        Click on Tweet to Enlarge, then click on each frame.

        Outside Hitters: 5-11 Fr. Sina Uluave, 5-11 Jr. Lexi Hogan, 6-0 R-So. Megan Taflinger, 6-3 Fr. Sophia Rohling, 6-1 R-Fr. Brylee Kelly, 6-0 Fr. Nicole Anderson and 5-11 Fr. OH Skylar Goering

        Setters: 5-10 Fr. Kayce Litzau, 6-2 R-So. Kora Kauling and 5-9 Jr. McKayla Wuensch

        Middle Blockers: 6-3 Jr. Emma Wright, 6-0 Sr. Dimadj Johnson, 6-0 R-Fr. Chinelo Ogogor and 6-3 Jr. Brooke Smith

        Defensive Specialists: 5-5 Fr. Shea Lauria, 5-8 Fr. Arianna Arjomand, 5-6 Jr. Giorgia Civita, 5-8 Sr., Kara Bown and 5-5 Fr. Kily Liekweg

        Returning Letter Winners
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            Great time at the Meet and Greet tonight. The format gave us a chance to talk to all the players (and coaching staff) as they came around to sit at each of our small tables. All seemed to be very excited to be here and genuinely like their teammates and coaches. Players come from Hawaii to California to Florida. From Wisconsin to San Antonio, Texas (and of course Italy) with a good smattering of Kansas girls.


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              Let's do all we can to make sure setter McKayla Wuensch marries incoming Shocker pitcher Trevor Munsch and hyphenates.
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                Shockers Picked 7th in American Preseason Poll

                2019 American Volleyball Preseason Poll
                Team First Place Votes Points
                1. UCF 8 118
                2. Cincinnati 4 114
                3. Tulane 99
                4. Tulsa 81
                5. SMU 77
                6. USF 66
                7. Wichita State 65
                8. Temple 44
                9. ECU 39
                10. Houston 34
                11. UConn 32
                12. Memphis 23
                I think this actually shows some decent respect for the Shockers considering the big turnover of the roster, the relative inexperience of the Shocks and the big hit of losing Gio to injury for the year.

                Not a surpirse in the least bit is Cincy's Jordan Thompson being picked as the AAC preseason player of the year.

                With Gio on the shelf there are no Shockers among the preseason All-conference picks. Again, not a surprise.
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                  That's a really good poll if you ask me. UCF and Cincy are above everyone else, and Cincy is given more respect than I've heard (and they should be) as they have maybe the best player in the country. Tulane got a ton better and has everyone back I think. 4-8 is a toss up. I think this WSU team could finish 4. Cracking the top 3 would be something else.


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                    Not sure I am quite as optimistic as that but if we are going to ourperform expectations we really need for Chinelo to get healthy and able to contribute.

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                  The first 7 spots on the AAC preseason poll mirror the final standings from last year.

                  Temple drops down from 8th last year to 10th in the poll.

                  ECU holds pat at 9th.

                  Houston moves up from 11the last year to 10th in the poll.

                  UConn drops from 8th last year to 10 in the poll.

                  And Memphis continues to hold the anchor position.


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                    Calling it now, this team is not finishing 7th. I should have payed closer attention to 1972Shocker and his scheduling post. The unbalanced schedule will work in our favor. Barring unforeseen changes (injuries for example) these young ladies will finish no worse than 5. And they just might be top 3.


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                      Here is how the two divisions ( I am calling them the East Division and the West Division for now) stack up based where they are picked in the AAC preseason coaches' poll. Number in parenthesis is the overall conference ranking. East Dvision teams in bold play at Koch Arena during the regular season.

                      East Division:
                      Central Florida (1)
                      Cincinnati (2)
                      South Florida (6)

                      Temple (8)
                      East Carolina (9)
                      UConn (11)

                      West Division:
                      Tulane (3)
                      Tulsa (4)
                      SMU (5)
                      Wichita State (7)
                      Houston (10)
                      Memphis (12)

                      Top 3 from each division will qualify for the inaugural AAC Post-Season Tournament in Orlando.